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Healthy Diet With Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Diet With Fruits and Vegetables


Healthy Diet With Fruits and Vegetables

by Nancy Taylor

Probably many have heard this phrase when they were kids "Finish your veggies son!" and swore not eat them at all after growing up.

If you're among above then unfortunately this won't sound good for you. Fruits and veg are a base of a healthy diet and if you want to have a healthy body and feel good you will have to eat them anyway.

Of course, you can live without your "swore enemies" but that would affect your body and the way you feel.

Speaking of vegetables, the biggest problem is that we tend to overcook them, making them undesirable, colourless and their consistence impossible to enjoy. Also veggies lose their good properties and vitamins and it's just a waste of money generally.

A normal human being should eat 5-10 servings of fruits and/or vegetables a day what seems a lot. So, what a serving include then? A medium sized fruit is one serving, a medium sized veggie is one serving, a medium sized apple, banana or carrot is one serving. 5-10 servings per day don't look so hard to eat now, doesn't it?

Preparation for many is a problem but when done on your spare time it really isn't. What about preparing your fruits and veg before you go to bed?

Peel and cut your fruits and veg before your sleep and get them ready for the next day. Cut them and put them in sandwich bags. Actually, get ready selection of fruits and veggies and keep them in fridge so you can have them anytime you need them.

It's fast and easy to grab a previously prepared bag with your fruit and veg to work. Keep them with you and every time you want a snack just empty one and you're sorted.

Another way to increase your vegetable consumption is soups. Try to make them yourself because canned soups often are full of salt what is not what you need. Making soups yourself will enable you to control the amount of fat you use (or don't use) what is important for your health and your body.

Also a small portion of salad is one serving of veg so here's even more variety for you. Top it up with oil or vinegar but try to avoid unhealthy salad dressings.

Get more fruit and veg in your diet:

Breakfast. Add fruits to your cereal to replace sugar and get more fibre. You could get one extra serving by "eating" fruit in a shape of glass of fruit juice with the pulp.

Lunch. Salad for lunch is a good choice and don't forget about dressing. Use vinegar or oil instead. Have some fruit for desert instead of having an ice cream for example.

Vegetarian pizza for dinner is a good choice but why not to try some fish on a bed of greens and corn? You could mix different fish and different leaves and get new lunch every time.

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