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Health is wealth

Health is wealth


Health is wealth

by Jean Pierre

A healthy person enjoys life to the fullest. A sick person on the other hand is deprived of all life's glamor in spite of being rich. Health insurances can assure you that all your health problems will be sorted out in a jiffy. Yet you will have to play a pivotal role in keeping yourself healthy.

For a family, the woman of the house plays the role of a doctor. She takes care of her kids health, spouses health and the remaining people of the family. But who cares about her health? Let us see some reasons why a woman ignores her health.

Women have so many things to do around the house that they hardly have time even get out of the kitchen. They have no time to go for a walk or do some cardiovascular workouts because they have so much to do like washing the dishes, laundry or cleaning up after the kids. Although these are good exercises, they are not good enough.

A woman's involvement in the kitchen usurps her time; she is left with no time for herself after attending to her household chores. Her job entails physical labor but it is not sufficient for leading a healthy lifestyle free of diseases.

The complaint of backache is rampant among women. Few are aware of its consequences. The neglect it. They feel a good nights sleep will eradicate their problem.

The fat deposition around their waistline is attributed to pregnancy and over eating. The real reason is their indifference to exercise. Imbibing a 30 minute walk in their fitness routine can be of immense help.

How many women skip meals? The reason they give is either lack of time or diet. Skipping meals is as bad as over eating when it comes to health concern.

Women often are the victims of obesity caused either due to overeating or due to hereditary factors. However the problem of obesity can be undermined by taking adequate care of your health.

Obesity is also inherited by some unlucky women. Weight loss for them is not an impossible target. They have to be more organized and follow a simple plan. Many times women never follow the diet or exercise schedule.

It is also important that you don't skip meals. Eat your breakfast, lunch and Dinner at the right time and at moderation. Don't think that skipping meals helps weight loss. Your metabolism becomes slow and your body starts retaining the fat rather than burning it.

It is a very wrong notion that skipping meals leads to weight loss. On the contrary body accumulates fat, as the basic metabolic rate gets slowed down.

Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day is the secret to fitness. The water therapy has proved itself.

A Healthy & a Natural diet consisting of grains, rice, vegetables, fruits and Dairy products is the most important requirement for a better health. Avoid oily and Greasy foods in your everyday food. Artificial diets such as protein shakes, diet foods may give you instant results for weight loss, but it is also fast for weight gain. Natural diet is the best fitness diet for a successful and a long-term weight loss.

Few minutes of your day and a little patience from you is all it takes to follow our fitness tips for better health. Treasure your most valuable asset- Your Health.

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