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Head Lice - A Nuisance Here To Stay

Head Lice - A Nuisance Here To Stay


Head Lice - A Nuisance Here To Stay

by Pat Heed

Head lice pose a wide spread menace to the human race, especially to the girls and women. It is most common among the children between three and twelve. Even though not much hazardous, still it is really annoying and irritating and also spreads very easily even from one person to another. Females are more to suffer this infestation than males.

Though not a health hazard to the victim, it causes much irritation and is highly contagious in its nature. Once got infected it's difficult to get rid of this menace and it's really a daunting task to carefully find them among the hair follicles. A person infected with lice will be constantly scratching his head and this may lead to sores and infected lesions in the head.

The main symptom of head lice is the lice eggs also known as lice nits which will be seen in the hair after they come out, the shell looks transparent. They are mostly found on the hair follicles which are nearer to the scalp. They hatch within two weeks. The adult lice are as big as a sesame seed and are grayish white or tanned in color. The baby lice take around fourteen days to grow into adults.

Majority of head lice thrive on the blood that they draw from the scalp umpteen times a day. But they can also live even away from the scalp for a couple of days. Whenever the lice bite, our scalp begins itching and we experience severe irritation. Some times the scalp becomes red and sore from this scratching and if this becomes worse, you will develop lice infection which will have to be treated with a course of antibiotics.

The best way to find out whether the scalp is lice infected is to comb your hair with a lice comb. Another way to search of lice is to part the hair at the scalp at 2cm gaps and search for lice which are moving about in the scalp.

The most common way to get rid of head lice is to use medicated shampoos that are specially meant for this purpose. You should only treat your scalp when live head lice are found in your hair and not just lice nits. The best way to get rid of head lice is to consult a doctor who will suggest the treatment according to the intensity of lice infestation.

It is always better to avoid the infestation than giving chances to cure it. Keeping your scalp clean with daily bath and frequent shampooing, combing daily for any head lice, avoiding the use of combs of infected people etc. could help you to prevent the head lice from getting your scalp and if at all, will help you to detect the infestation in the early stages itself. Early detection will also help to treat the infestation earlier thus preventing the chance for spreading it.

About the Author:
Pat Heed distributes articles about head lice - an epidemic for millions of children each year. Head lice is a nuisance that won't leave anytime soon. Once someone has been infected it can become a family wide issue. See us to learn more, or for recommendations and products that can treat head lice .

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