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Harmony In Design

Harmony In Design


Harmony In Design

by Rex Watkins

Interior decorating places a large responsibility on anyone who is helping to make a room the best that it can be. Not only does the room have to accommodate everything that it is going to be used for, but it has to make a person feel comfortable in it. The biggest way this will happen is through the room having a sense of harmony. This harmony will come about when everything in the room works well together and one is given a sense that everything fits together well.

Choosing items that go well with each other and don't create a sense of disharmony is one way to do this. Try and stick to one theme in a room don't mix and match designs but have everything flowing together. You should have the room not crowded and one that people will be able to walk through without feeling closed in or running into other furniture. With an open setting you will not feel closed in, and the feeling will be one of natural harmony and peace.

Certain items can help with the way a room will harmonize together. The use of an area rug can be a great way to promote harmony through a room because this rug can tie together many different elements of a room. The color of the rug can help two different colors in the room blend to make an appealing range. The area of the rug can help balance where certain items will be placed. It can easily help one when filling out a room, making it more accessible to anyone who enters it, as well as making the room warmer and more inviting.

The decoration on the walls can also all come together to make a room more harmonious. Depending on the purpose and mood of the room, the artwork in a certain room can help bring a sense of calm peace to the room. Whether family photos, posters, or works of art are hung about, the decoration on the walls can foster a feeling of warmth and harmony to the room, which is an important detail for any designer to achieve.

Again the color you choose to put on the walls can completely change what a room feels like. Maybe you want to make the colors of the wall match closer with the rug you have placed in the room. Picking a color that will attach two items together will have a natural flow to the look of your room. With that flow you will have an ongoing sense of peace and harmony. Most of the time, a bold color if done incorrectly will only make your room seem busy and distracting. But if you go about adding a nice bold color and having a nice area rug that goes with it, this can be a great way to bring some harmony into your room.

Experiment with ideas and checking out how well things go together; don't just go to moving and painting everything right away. With a bit of time and planning you can make your room a peaceful haven from the outside world. Keep the room less crowded so you and friends can easily move about. Nothing takes away from the harmony of a room more than walking into furniture when you try to leave the room.

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