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Gunshot Money Method - How To Make Quick Income On The Internet

Gunshot Money Method - How To Make Quick Income On The Internet


Gunshot Money Method - How To Make Quick Income On The Internet

by Jamie Gil Anderson

Want to make quick income on the internet? Did you know that there are tonnes of ways to make extra income without having email list, prior experience, much technical knowledge? Even better, this is not like offline business where you need to invest thousands. Some of the methods are cheap while a few of them could be free.

Method 1: Make extra money using Google Adsense. This one is obvious. The beauty of Google Adsense is you don't need to sell anything. All you need to do is send the traffic.

If you browse the internet, probably you've seen Google Adsense ads before. There are millions of websites currently displaying Adsense ads today. To name some, they are Youtube, MySpace, Squidoo and perhaps your favorite blog. You might notice that there's small links inside the websites. These links are going to drive traffic to the advertisers. Once people click on any of those, the website owner will be paid.

To generate thousands with Adsense, you need to focus on certain niche only. In competitive niches, you can expect higher payout for each click, sometimes over $20 per click. Example of such niches are lawyers, insurance, loan and make money online. The idea is to create Adsense websites in any of these topics and send traffic.

Another problem with Adsense, is your traffic must be targeted and free. It is not that simple to get traffic using normal search engine optimization process for new website. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you utilize web 2.0 websites like Weebly, Hubpages and Docstoc to get faster traffic. These websites are loved by Google with high page rank. Plus, they allow you to generate revenue from Adsense.

Method 2: CPA marketing method. CPA or cost-per-action marketing is another great way to make a killing without having to learn copywriting or email marketing. Yes, no purchase is required. However, you won't make the money by just sending traffic. Instead, your visitors must complete the sign up process.

The key to success with CPA is your traffic, how to direct them to the offer and how easy it is for the visitors to get the trial offer. In most cases, visitors are not going to download or sign up for trial offer if there's too much information asked.

Method 3: Make money by targeting product name keyword. Lots of internet marketing courses are talking about this method recently. One example is Gunshot Money create by Mark Dulisse. This is actually about selling other people's products, but with no hassle to do email marketing.

However, the keyword is super targeted. You are going to target product name keyword in SEO campaigns, before the product is released. Therefore, it is easy to get ranked. More important, once the product is launch, you can expect massive conversion due to targeted traffic.

About the Author:
For details about this method, you can refer to Gunshot Money course.

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