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Guitar Motivation - Some Reasons Why Continuing to Play Is So Difficult

Guitar Motivation - Some Reasons Why Continuing to Play Is So Difficult


Guitar Motivation - Some Reasons Why Continuing to Play Is So Difficult

by Kyle Hoffman

You may have just bought your first guitar, started on one practice with tons of motivation, and then out of nowhere, decided to give up. This is all too common among beginning guitarists and frustration seems to be the reason.

As much as frustration occurs to discourage someone beginning the guitar, being able to realize why you get frustrated can aide in continuing the process. Here are some of the most common reasons that individuals lose their guitar motivation and give up.

1. There isn't enough time. You understand that you have certain obligations in your life like a job and a family, but as much as you might not believe it, there is still time to learn a new talent. Try playing only ten minutes per day and eventually the momentum of enjoyment will sweep you off your feet and you'll dive into a steady practice schedule.

2. You're not making goals. Goals are what can keep you driving forward and looking towards the future. By setting goals for yourself, you now have an obligation to make more time and to achieve a reasonable success that will fuel your guitar motivation.

3. You take on too much with your goals. A common reason that early guitarists give up is because they know how to set goals, but they don't keep their goals small and reachable. Think of your goals as little stepping stones on the way to completion and the more smaller steps you have the more guitar motivation you'll receive.

4. You don't play what you want. Getting real enjoyment from playing the guitar is what you want to achieve, but it can be difficult if you're forced to do dull scales and practice riffs. Remember to give yourself time to just mess around and play fun songs as opposed to constantly working on new skills for improvement.

5. You don't write your goals down. It's great if you take the time to make some goals, but writing them down is a powerful way to ingrain them in your head. Motivate yourself to play more by making a personal contract on paper and signing it as a promise to continue on the guitar.

6. You're afraid to fail. The fear of failure is extremely common, but with something as simple as playing the guitar you would think it wouldn't be an issue. You really have nothing to lose when attempting the guitar, so get motivated, sit down for a short while, and let your fingers do the talking.

There are a lot of things that can stand in your way of learning the guitar and that's why it might be hard to pick up the instrument again. But, if you learn to throw away your assumptions of how you'll perform and work at your own pace, you can achieve any success you want and gain back some of your guitar motivation.

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