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Great Advice for Approaching Women

Great Advice for Approaching Women


Great Advice for Approaching Women

by Kaylie Sankt

Because being rejected can be so painful, many find dating a vicious necessity in life. Often, first impressions can make or break a budding relationship. If you make a negative first impression, the relationship may be doomed before it even starts. To prevent that, below are some suggestions on how to come up to women:

1. First of all, ladies are humans, just like you. They also feel anxiety when they go out on dates, and are afraid to be dumped, very much like you! So, it is okay to admit that you are a little tense during your first meeting. In a way, admitting that is a bit flattering for the girl.

2. Secondly, do not use cheesy pick-up lines. These often times have negative results, although some people think that they work because it worked in the past or they know someone who has made it work. Beware! Women are not stupid as to fall for these cheap tricks. They are definitely smart enough to know when they are being picked up.

3. Find common interests: Are you familiar with the books she is reading? Do you both have pets? Or do you have the same political beliefs? These are great ways to get a conversation started.

4. Keep the KISS principle in mind (Keep it Simple, Stupid!). A plain "Hello" may be enough. Say it with a smile and while looking straight into her eyes. Think of it as a sign if she reciprocates your smile, especially if she takes a quick look at your lips.

5. Don't ask for her phone number, instead offer your number to her. You know she's definitely captivated if she calls you. This also helps cure worries that she might have missed your call or is screening your call.

With these tricks for meeting girls, you will make your next first impression better that the last.

About the Author:
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