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Global Verge Review

Global Verge Review


Global Verge Review

by Randy Disert

Global Verge is a relativeley new network marketing company that allows you to earn commission on sales products that you make as well as any sales that are made by people that you recruit to sell as well. The goal of Global Verge is to "help make the world a better place." By this they mean that the products offered are to help enhance and better the lives of those using the products.

The one product that Global Verge offers that has garnered the most attention is Buzzirk Mobile. In the most recent news, Zer01 terminated their partnership agreement with Buzzirk Mobile on the grounds that Buzzirk failed to comply with the agreement. This affects how and what the Global Verge e-associates will market. The highly touted service that was going to benefit this partnership was that Zer01 would provide a mobile and data plan that would be cost effective for anyone.

This is a step backwards for Global Verge as they are still trying to establish themselves. It will be important to see what their next steps are. Seeing that what Zer01 brought to the table was pretty much the flagship product of Global Verge, they must now find something that will draw the attention of many people.

If you are considering joining Global Verge or already an associate continue to read on as there are important things for you to consider and know in building your Global Verge business. Keep in mind that Global Verge is still a new company. They just launched in 2008 and it can be easy to get caught up in the hype of a new company and all that they think they can accomplish. The people leading the company are visionaries and are supposed to make you get excited and tell you how Global Verge is so different from everyone else. There are actually many companies offering similar type of products that Global Verge is offering. There are also many network marketing companies, so the business opportunity is not even unique itself. How you get paid, the compensation plan, may be different but not the fact that it is a MLM company. as most businesses fail within the first several years.

You can succeed in Global Verge if you know exactly how to market the products and opportunity. Building a large team and creating a significant income is possible if you know how and set your mind to it. The most important thing you should do is a build a list of prospects. This is not that names list you are currently being taught by Global Verge, this is a different list. The list you really need to have will continuously be built and will allow you to build a relationship with someone over time.

You must also learn how to market your opportunity the right way in order to get people onto this list. You will need to provide value and a reason for someone to opt-in to your list and stay on it. That is right, you do not create this list. These people will ask to be on your list and want to be on it. When you can learn how to do this and begin generating over 50 leads a day you will see success in your Global Verge business.

About the Author:
To have success in Global Verge, then let Randy Disert show you the exact blueprint that you can use to get 50+ leads per day for your business.

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