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Gibson Les Paul Studio Review - Read Before You Buy!

Gibson Les Paul Studio Review - Read Before You Buy!


Gibson Les Paul Studio Review - Read Before You Buy!

by R. S. Rasnick

In 1983, Gibson presented what was to soon become one of its most best-selling guitars, the Les Paul Studio. As its name suggests, the guitar was initially aimed at studio guitarists who wanted the Les Paul trademark sound without all the aesthetic bells and whistles.

It lacks aesthetic appointments like neck and body binding, but still captures the thick sound that characterize the Les Paul sound.

For starters, the Les Paul Studio bears a neck that is reminiscent of a classic 50's Les Paul, which helps add to the guitar's chunky, thick tone. The 490T and 490R pickups also exude the Les Paul sound in both lead and rhythm work.

Despite its name, the Les Paul Studio has gained an outstanding reputation as a live guitar workhorse, due in no small part to its diminished weight. The chambered mahogany body make the Les Paul Studio an excellent guitar for gigging because it has the Les Paul sound without the Les Paul weight.

We went over a Les Paul Studio with a black finish and gold hardware, and we were very pleased with our findings. The fit and finish were simply first rate. The fretwork was impeccable and we couldn't find a single blemish with the finish.

We especially liked the rosewood fingerboard with its characteristic trapezoid inlays. It definitely had the Les Paul feel and sound. We thought it felt like a Les Paul that should cost twice what it did.

If you're curious what the distinctions are between a Les Paul Studio and a more orthodox Les Paul, it's actually pretty simple. The Studio model lacks body and neck binding and has a chambered, lighter body.

It's easy to see why the Les Paul Studio is one of Gibson's best-selling models, and we give it our heartfelt recommendation.

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