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Getting The Right Computer Repair Training

Getting The Right Computer Repair Training


Getting The Right Computer Repair Training

by William Roberts

One thing stands out when you begin to evaluate the computer industry; getting the right computer repair training can lead to a rewarding career that will provide years of satisfaction helping others as well as provide an income to live on. While there are many schools who provide such training, the type of school or training method is not nearly as important as ensuring that the school provides the tools you need to succeed in the real world. Computer repair training is one of the most important steps in advancing your computing career, so don't take the review of your options lightly!

Always consider first, in your evaluation of the computer repair training school, the credentials of the institution. There are several main bodies that will issue recommendations in the IT (Information Technology) field, and you should become aware of them. For computers and software CompTIA is an important, universally recognized organization, while Microsoft, Dell, and HP all have their own certifications and credentialed programs. In the networking field CompTIA again is a universally recognized name, while Cisco is the dominant name brand certification used. Be sure that the instructors conducting the computer repair training are certified appropriately in their respective fields from a recognized certification source like those mentioned above.

Another extremely important consideration is whether or not they offer hands-on training for all of your classes. It is essential to fully grasping a concept, especially in the hardware field, that you have some hands-on training. You don't want to get out in the field on a service call, only to realize that you have no idea what you are doing. Some computer repair training schools will not only provide hands-on training but also provide possible internships with local service and repair shops. This allows not only hands-on with the equipment, but also a chance to work on your face to face customer service skills. While most technicians seem to get into the repair end of the industry because of the analytical skills involved in troubleshooting, there is still and aspect to customer service even in this part of the IT business.

One final thing you need to take into account as you search for a good computer repair training school is whether or not they provide a spring board for your own certification. It is all nice and well for them to provide you with a certificate showing you completed your classes with them. That's great, and looks good on a resume. However, it simply doesn't carry the same weight as one of the industry standard certifications we mentioned above.

Another little tip for you! Some computer repair training schools will provide you with what is called a voucher to obtain your industry certifications. Simply put, the voucher is a coupon code that allows you to pay a reduced rate to take your industry certification tests. Whether it is CompTIA, Miscrosoft, or Cisco certification you are seeking, a good computer repair training school will provide you with the resources to obtain a discount on the testing price.

About the Author:
The author of this article works for a company that offers web design training courses in London and throughout the UK.

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