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Get Advice On Weight Loss Patches

Get Advice On Weight Loss Patches


Get Advice On Weight Loss Patches

by Tyran Smith

Quite a few individuals see the use of weight loss patches as a move forward in the fight to control weight issues seen in the population, however the Federal Trade Commission in the United States has warned the public not to be misled by exaggerated claims. By suppressing hunger pangs and helping to rid excess fat by speeding up the metabolism the patch would appear to be the ideal way to lose that excess weight.

As its absorption is through the skin into the blood as opposed to the stomach it is believed to be more affective than tablets as none of the nutrients and chemical substances are lost. The method used is called trans dermal transfer and is used in other ways to introduce drugs slowly into the system and in this instance, chemicals to help easy the desire to eat and others to help increase the metabolic rate.

The process requires that the skin is allows the passage of the chemicals which means the molecules have to be small enough to pass through the layers of skin and directly through the blood vessel walls. With this kind of delivery system, as much as 95 percent of any medication can reach the cells of the body through this manner as compared to the amount absorbed by the cells if the medication was taken orally.

The whole system relies on the molecules being the correct size for entry into the skin and blood. Depending on the purpose, a weight loss skin patch can contain chromium, hydroxycitric acid and caffeine which are the same ingredients found in a number of weight loss supplement regardless of the delivery system used.

Even though there are obvious success stories regarding weight loss patches, the jury is out as to how reliable the results are as nutritional experts believe there are other conditions that have no been taken into account. A weight loss skin patch can function in a number of ways and apart from administering needed amounts of a particular weight loss supplement, the patch makes it easier for anyone who wears it to stick by whatever weight loss method they are using owing to the psychological effect of wearing it.

Weight loss patches are best adhered to the back or shoulder area, although they can be placed anywhere, although the area does need to be clean of any oil or dirt otherwise it may not work at its optimum. If there is hair around the location you intend to stick the patch then it must be removed or consider locating it somewhere else.

To ensure complete absorption of the chemicals, the weight loss patch has contained within the surface, it needs to be adhered to the skin correctly without any gaps or raised areas. In case where weight loss patches get removed or wet, they can still be used although they are not guaranteed to work at the same rate as a newly-put weight loss patch would. Weight loss patches should not be considered as the only system needed for the wearer to loss weight, but used in conjunction with other weight loss methods which would include exercise and a proper diet.

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