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Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips


Garage Door Safety Tips

by Pierre Levingston

Your home and yard are not the only places that require safety measures to be performed. Garages can also serve as a place to cause injuries if safety precautions are not taken. Your car door, in particular, is an important piece of equipment that should be given extra safety attention.

It is especially important to take safety precautions with your garage car door. Don't take the risk of injuries happening to anyone in your family. Sadly, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission 4 children a year are killed by garage doors.

Garage doors can crush children if not maintained properly. Garage car doors are easily the heaviest and largest doors you have. Injuries can quickly happen if safety precautions are not taken.

Garage door openers are a very important safety tool and should be replaced every 5 years to be most effective. To avoid having the door crush anyone, check your door's ability to open and close correctly. Be sure that the door reverses when it touches something before it hits the ground, and if it doesn't then replace it.

Garage doors can also pinch fingers. Most garage doors can quickly be opened with automatic door openers, to help children's fingers from being pinched quickly. There are also garage doors that are designed to push fingers out of the way when the door hits the ground to avoid pinches.

Heavy springs are used to open and close garage doors. These springs won't last forever, and will eventually wear down and snap. This break can cause serious injury to those inside the garage, or even cause damage to garage equipment or your cars.

To avoid harm from a broken spring try preventative measures before it can happen. When your garage door is closed, thread hanging wire through the spring and secure it tightly. That way, if the spring does break it will stay on the wire and won't go flying.

Garage doors can be a dangerous piece of equipment if not properly maintained. Be sure to take the time to inspect it every few months to make sure it is working properly. If you find any problems with it, correct them as soon as possible.

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