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Gap Year South East Asia - A Popular Destination

Gap Year South East Asia - A Popular Destination


Gap Year South East Asia - A Popular Destination

by Sarah Brenning-Rose

I started my first gap year travel 6 years ago. I arrived at Bangkok for my gap year in South East Asia. I was knackered but full of energy. I graphed a taxi to Khao San road where my hotel was, dropped my stuff to a dip in the pool and went off to the streets to sit on a terrace with a cheap Thai beer to watched the world go by.

Whaaa quite a shock, so many people, so many noises and so may smells. Luckily the hotel in Bangkok was great. Good beds, a great pool to escape the heat. Yes it was definitely worth it pre reserving my hotel and onward travel through a gap year company before I want on my gap year through South East Asia.

More that being a bit nervous for myself, it was the environment who thought I was getting a bit mental to take a gap year in South East Asia all by myself. But when I asked them , why do you not join me hen, they all had the excuse of a relationship, kids, good careers etc. So there I went. All alone, nervous as hell but so excited to start the new chapter in my life.

Before I went on my gap Year to South East Asia I had a good look online, oh how I love internet, and found various websites that gave me all the information I needed. Because it is one thing to travel alone, but it is another to go straight away to South East Asia where I knew nothing about other that the islands had beautiful beaches, the food was great food and that these was a lot's of culture to be found.

Another reason for me, single girl with blond hair, to choose South East Asia as a gap year destination was that during a gap year in south east Asia I felt more secure than going on my first travel alone to somewhere where blonds where found attractive... A bit of a shock when I arrived in South East Asia and instead of men trying to flirt with you they were looking at me as if I was a creep..haha, and not attractive at all.

After my gap year in South east Asia I HAD to find a way to continue his life style. I became a divemaster and hat paid for my life in various countries, I did some translation jobs and then after meeting the right man after 4 years of travelling, we decided to travel for ever and become the first Dutch Gap Year company, exploring cool stuff for the Dutch youngster to go too.

When I arrived on Bangkok airport to start my gap year in South East Asia I felt so proud I made it!!! Ok, I admit, it was a long flight but with my IPod, some magazines and the open bar (!!) on the flight I survived pretty well. I took a taxi to the hotel pre reserved by the gap year company and arrived in Chas!! Whaaa quite a shock, so many people, so many noises and so may smells. Luckily the hotel was heaven!

My first travel was a gap year in South East Asia when I was 29, my partner first gap year was in Tanzania when he was 17 (15 years ago). He obviously is from England, where parents and schools stimulate students to take a gap year. I sure hope that the Netherlands will see the benefits of taking a gap year soon, and maybe the parents need one themselves and catch up lost time....

About the Author:
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