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Gaining An Appreciation For Gaining An Appreciation For Phoniex, Arizona

Gaining An Appreciation For Gaining An Appreciation For Phoniex, Arizona


Gaining An Appreciation For Gaining An Appreciation For Phoniex, Arizona

by Sean Elstins

Gaining an appreciation for Phoenix, Arizona is easy enough to do once one spends a few minutes going over its history and its present-day attributes. It's considered a jewel of the American southwest, for one, and for much of the West in general, these days. Partly, this is due to its very nice winter climate that combine with low living costs and plentiful land, located in and around the city itself.

The city itself is the capital of Arizona as well as its largest municipality. Additionally, its steady population growth has seen it reach #5 in terms of the top-10 cities in the U. S., population-wise. Currently, more than 1.6 million people call the city home, with steady growth expected in the years ahead.

Phoenix is also number twelve in terms of the largest metropolitan regions in the country, and over 4.4 million people live in the area. The town also serves as the seat for Maricopa County and is very near the tops in terms of total land area contained within its borders. By 1881, westward population expansion from other parts of the country finally led to its official incorporation.

It was first officially founded in 1868, being deliberately sited near the Salt River to take advantage of the its fresh water. It was sorely needed at that time, as it was put down in what is actually an arid, dry desert. In a very short period of time, it became the transportation, financial, commercial and cultural hub of the whole Southwest.

Summer months in the area can be a bit warm, again due to its location in the northwestern area of the Sonoran Desert (sometimes known as the Gila Desert). Winters are a big attraction to those seeking warm climes, though, because they're very temperate. This couples with a unique quality of life that mixes Old Spanish and Mexican influences with a modern vibrancy that's appealing and attractive, in total.

In terms of living in sunshine, the city experiences an average of 85% of sunshine on an annual basis. March is its wettest month and June is its driest, when it gets less than 2 millimeters of rain, if any at all. Median incomes in the region come in at about 41,000 dollars annually per household, with family median incomes reaching 46,000 dollars per year.

Phoenix, even at a casual glance, offers much to like. Sitting like a gleaming jewel in the Sonoran Desert, it beckons to visitor, tourist and potential resident alike, and offers generally low living costs along with easy-to-afford housing. Spanish and Mexican cultural influences abound, which help to attract many tourists to its welcoming arms.

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