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French Manicures at Manchester Beauty Salons

French Manicures at Manchester Beauty Salons


French Manicures at Manchester Beauty Salons

by Christine Danzirola

A French manicure is a nice way to have beautiful nails without drawing too much attention to your hands.

The absence of color makes for straightforward outfit changes, without having to think too much about clashing colours. French manicures also last longer than conventional manicures with colored polish as you cannot see chips as easily.

Also they are better to touch up without being too obvious.

What's the purpose of having a manicure, if you are just going to put clear polish on top of your nails?

Why trouble to go through all of that time and trouble, to look natural?

Well, we girls do tons of crazy things, and spend numerous hours in the beauty salon attempting to make ourselves appear naturally beautiful. Why should manicures be any different? Besides, the polish is not essentially clear.

The polish is two different colours. A very thin white or off white coat is applied to the tips of your nails and allowed to dry. Then the entire nail is painted with a soft beige or pink color, making the nails very clean and polished looking, but not really as dramatic as red or pink polish.

While French manicures may appear almost natural, they are the most difficult type of manicure to have done to your nails. Most beauty salons charge additional money for a French manicure, than a regular manicure with one solid color. Some beauty salons use an honest to goodness paint brush, with awfully fine bristles to apply the thin white coat to the tips of the nails.

Other beauty salons will quickly apply the white coat without much attention to detail.

Then they'll return before the polish has set and take away the excess color with an orange stick wrapped in cotton.

This is fascinating to observe.

I usually get scared when the manicurist paints half of my fingernail white. I am thinking to myself, great, I could do a better job at home blindfolded and I am paying her my hard-earned cash to make a big mess. But then, she's always redeemed when she cleans off the surplus and my nails look great.

Watching her perfect this skill with ease, I was lured to try this process at home.

I made a massive mess.

I suspect that next time I will leave this ability to the pro.

The popularity of having a French manicure started round the seventies, and is just as popular today. People have been getting French manicures for some time. You can see these types of manicures just about anywhere from magazines, to moms at the supermarket.

One thing that is sort of interesting about French manicures is that they really do not have any target age range.

Anyone from teens, to grandmas can be seen sporting a French manicure, that is something that cannot be claimed of most fashion trends.

Recently, there has been a new addition to the French manicure family. It's the French pedicure. They have all of the pliability and flexibility of the French manicure. I adore that I'm able to wear pink shoes, red shoes, or black shoes without needing to rethink my toenail polish.

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