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Free Traffic Can Be Yours, But Not If You Are Making One of These Four SEO Mistakes

Free Traffic Can Be Yours, But Not If You Are Making One of These Four SEO Mistakes


Free Traffic Can Be Yours, But Not If You Are Making One of These Four SEO Mistakes

by Tom McMurrain

Have you put hours of work into your website only to find that the search engine rankings are terrible? Maybe you thought you put together this incredible website that would guarantee to put you on the map and then you don't understand why you got lost in the shuffle of search engine rankings. If this is you, perhaps you want to take a look at some of the common mistakes website owners make when it comes to search engine optimization.

The More Links the Better!

Yes, links are definitely a good thing if they are relevant links and the way you go about them is in compliance with the search engine algorithms. Mistake #1: Beware of low quality links that are not relevant to your website. If the search engine detects junk links then you will get junk rankings. It is better to have link to ten highly relevant sites than a thousand sites. Type your keywords into a search engine and try to create link relationships with the top ten search results.

Most people do not realize the intelligence of the search engine bots. Through highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms they can scan your site and who you are to in milliseconds analyzing hundreds of variables. If the bot determines that your site is nothing but a 'link pharm', all the work you have put into the development of your site is for naught. Unless you think you are smarter that a room full of M.I.T math whizzes you should not try to fool the search engine.

Stuff the Turkey Not Your Website

If you have 500 words on your home page and keywords represent 50 of those words your site will be penalized. Rule # 2; avoid keyword spamming at all costs. This is one of the easiest equations that a search engine bot can analyze and you can be assured it is in the top five of its ranking criterion. The most important element to keyword stuffing is that your reader will see that getting top search engine rankings is more important than providing quality readable content. I think that you will agree that this violation is worse than getting poor search rankings.

Instead the keywords should be strategically placed throughout the content and should flow and blend in naturally with the information. This takes practice but it is the only way you will receive kudos with the search engine bots.

Do Not Make Your Site A Flea Market

It is true that once a customer buys from you that they will continue to buy from you if you continue to build a relationship with them. Limit your product offerings in the beginning and then expand your customer's selection once they have bought. It is very true that if you give your customer too much information they will go away dazed and confused which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Avoid mistake #3 which is called the 'flea market' rule! Your site should be serving a highly targeted audience. If you had twelve products, it might be better to break your site into four mini sites and have specific strategies for each one.

Try Not To Make Your Site Look Like A Star Wars Exhibit

If you really want to scare your customers away use lots of flashy presentations and graphics. Serious buyers usually have their images turned off on their browsers and abhor websites with a website that says 'be patient while the presentation loads'. Search engine spiders are blind to graphics so relevant pictures mean diddly-squat. The only thing the spider will pick up is the name of the picture holder which should be relevant to your content. If search engines can't see the fancy presentation and it is proven that your potential customers number one do not like them, number two do not have the plug-ins installed to play them, why would you spend the money on a website that 'flashes' your customer?

Four important rules for proper search engine optimization: Relevant links, appropriate use of keywords, limit product selection and keep your site simple. These four rules can determine whether you will succeed or fail in the business of internet marketing, ignore them and you will prove that you are in fact insane.

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