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Free Agents for the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles

Free Agents for the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles


Free Agents for the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles

by Doug Helton

Let's have a look at the Philadelphia Eagles team members whose contracts expire after the 2009 NFL season. On this list is Winston Justice, Tank Daniels, Sean Jones, Rashad Baker, Chris Gocong, Jason Avant, Max Jean-Gilles, Hank Baskett, Omar Gaither, Nick Cole, and Dan Klecko.

Both Hank Baskett and Jason Avant have carved out nice roles in the Eagles offense, especially Jason Avant. He's developed very nicely as a trusty 3rd down receiver out of the slot and I'm pretty sure the Eagles will try to sign him on to another contract. He had 377 receiving yards and 32 receptions, so he was a pretty regular part of their offense. Avant is only 26 years old and should improve.

Baskett, on the other hand, was a restricted FA last season but the Eagles extended him by a year. I have a strong feeling that the Eagles will hold onto him too. His height makes him a great target in the red zone and he has a great special teams presence. His numbers last year were as follows: 440 yards on 33 catches and 3 TDs. You may remember a 90 yard TD reception he made in his first game of the season, so he has that explosive potential too. Baskett is also only 26 and should improve.

Linebackers Chris Gocong and Omar Gaither are strong, versatile linebackers. Gocong, age 25, 3 years pro, had a career year making 59 tackles, 2 sacks, 5 pass deflections, and 1 forced fumble. Gocong has improved during his time here and has much potential so I imagine the Eagles would resign him. Gaither's fate may be different.

During the second half of last season, Gaither was replaced by Akeem Jordan as the team's weak OLB. At training camp, the two of them find themselves fighting for the starting job, and I don't see any reason the Eagles would look to extend Gaither if Jordan carved out the starting role. When it comes to Tank Daniels, he's a hard-working bench player and a strong special teams player, and I can see him being extended for a couple of years.

While Klecko stepped up his game to fill in at fullback for Tony Hunt in 2008, his natural position is defensive tackle. Since the Eagles have three DTs on the roster besides Klecko, I could see him getting released through the season. If not for the fact that he's flexible as to where he can play, I'd be almost sure he'll be released. That still shouldn't be enough for the Eagles to hold onto him after the season.

Nick Cole is a very versatile offensive linesman. Few offensive linesman can play both center and guard as well as he does. We saw this when he took over Max Jean-Gillies' role last season after he was hurt, and played a solid five games at right guard. While Cole will challenge Jamaal Jackson for the job at center, he'll probably be a fill-in player off the bench. He's probably too good to be a bench player for long, and I could see another team making a better offer than the Eagles can match in 2010.

While safeties Rashad Baker and Sean Jones are both new Eagles going into this season, they should both improve the team's presence at the position. Baker will be a better backup than Considine was last season and Jones gives the team security at the position in case Demps doesn't realize his potential. Hopefully they both do nice jobs in 2009 and remain Eagles after the season.

But hey these are all guesses. Last season I predicted the Eagles to resign Cole, Baskett, Daniels, Dawkins, Thomas, and Hanson. Unfortunately, I missed the big two. Who knows what the Eagles FO is planning and it's even harder to determine the free agents when this season hasn't started yet. Once again, these are pure guesses as an Eagles fan. GO EAGLES!!!!!

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