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Fort Walton Beach Vacations: An Outstanding Place To Escape With The Folks

Fort Walton Beach Vacations: An Outstanding Place To Escape With The Folks


Fort Walton Beach Vacations: An Outstanding Place To Escape With The Folks

by Eric McMillan

Fort Walton Beach features miles of beaches and several exciting things to do that make it a perfect place for a sun filled family vacation. Year round moderate weather and nice Gulf of Mexico waters make it a ultimate winter or summer vacation destination. Far from the crowded cities beaches of Florida's better known vacation destinations, Fort Walton Beach has the feel of Old Florida with every fresh amenity added.

Accommodations range from well known chain hotels to tranquil resorts. Families on a budget will find hotels with full kitchens for eating in, gratis breakfasts, family manner sleeping accommodations and playgrounds activity areas. There are usually great restaurants and lounges close by to handle any other requests.

There are some really good places to stay such as Brooks and Shore and Waterscape. All of these accommodations are right on the beach and will provide superb opportunities for a great vacation. Affording everything from free beach chairs and videos, these extraordinary resorts take care of every guest, from toddlers to grandparents.

A vacation to Florida beach is not perfect without looking the states most exclusive attraction; alligators. There is a site seeing and safe feeding area close to the area.

The Aquarium, located on the Miracle Strip Parkway will excite every member of the group. It is habitat to hundreds of little Ridley Sea Turtles, the tiniest accepted sea turtle species, acknowledged as rare in 1970, and the torpedo-like Peruvian penguins. The Aquarium hosts some very scarce sea animals, but none delight children and adults more than the lighthearted Atlantic bottlenose dolphins or the boisterous Pacific Coast sea lions.

Fort Walton Beach vacations combine information with interesting activities when family's scuba dive or snorkel together. There are a lot of vendors that will rent the equipment you need to snorkel or going scuba diving and can also provide training. Getting on a diving charter into the blue waters for a day of underwater diving makes a memorable family expedition.

History buffs will be fascinated by the Southeastern American Indian pottery at the Heritage Park and Cultural Center. There is a selection of over 6,200 priceless pieces of American Indian Pottery. Beside the museum is an Indian burial mound dating back to 1400 AD. Also, there is a famous post office and school house that are on site.

Fort Walton Beach, is a great place to deliberate about taking the group for a relaxing on a one of a kind vacation.

About the Author:
For More Information on Fort Walton Beach and the Surrounding Areas Visit Visit Here. We Have a Love For the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast. If you are Thinking about Taking The Family on one of the Awesome Fort Walton Beach Vacations

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