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Five Categories Of Dental Irregularities

Five Categories Of Dental Irregularities


Five Categories Of Dental Irregularities

by Eric Baker

In dental medicine, a bite is defined as the way the top and lower rows of teeth are aligned when they are set against each other. Crookedness in a person's bite deserved the aid of a dentist to help correct this. Dental misalignment does not look good and it can also cause problems in chewing and speaking, not to mention also encourage tooth loss and periodontal disorders.

Bite irregularities have a number of classes, and the ones listed below are some of the examples.

1. Open bite. This category of teeth irregularity is identified by the way the upper and lower rows of teeth do not correctly meet when a person bites down. This condition causes more effort on the lower jaw when the person is chewing, which, in turn, causes the back teeth to deteriorate prematurely.

2. Cross bite. Most instances of cross bites necessitate dental intervention because the way that the top row of the teeth is set significantly in (or out) the lower row makes it difficult for a person to chew properly.

3. Under bite. This bite anomaly is identifiable through the bottom row of teeth protruding farther ahead of the upper row of teeth.

4. Crowding. This irregularity can happen when the secondary teeth erupt within a small space.

5. Gaps. Lost teeth and extraordinarily tiny teeth could produce gap issues.

There are some orthodontic procedures available that can treat bite misalignments.

Two of the most common appliances used to repair bite irregularities are braces and retainers. These gadgets work by pushing the teeth into an ideal position. However, if the teeth is already set deep in the bone, surgery may be necessary.

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