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Five CardioVascular Workouts To Burn Belly Fat

Five CardioVascular Workouts To Burn Belly Fat


Five CardioVascular Workouts To Burn Belly Fat

by Tommie Dixon

One of the best ways to burn off belly fat and get a six-pack flat stomach is to do cardiovascular workouts. But not all cardio is the same. Some exercise programs are better at burning fat fast than others. The better your workouts, the speedier you'll get lean and firm.

So, which are the best belly fat burning cardiovascular workouts? In my mind, it's the following :

1. Running - My all time fave. Running is a brilliant way to burn fat from all over your body because it's radical and incorporates all the major muscle groups.Ensure to run at changing speeds to actually push your body to the limit of its endurance. This will enable you to make the maximum of your workout time.

2. Rowing - The explanation why I love rowing is that it's a strength workout and a cardio workout. This gives you a double benefit : you are adding muscle tissue which helps to burn calories faster, and you're losing fat with the cardio kick you're getting. You will also tone your arms in the process which is always a great thing.

3. Walking - Walking isn't as intensive as running, but it's's a superb cardiovascular workout to burn belly fat if you make certain to do it properly. Try to walk fast, walk at an incline, consider walking with ankle weights or dumbbells to add to the intensity.

4. Kickboxing - My coordination isn't great so I don't do well at these classes, but for those of you who detest same pace cardio, this is an excellent technique to get your entire body into shape and to burn some stomach fat in the middle. You won't even feel the time go by in these classes. They always end too soon.

5. Basketball - I love this sport because it incorporates a large amount of jumping. When you jump, your body is always pushed to the limit. Also, basketball is an excellent team sport and lots of fun. For most people, ball games are lot more engaging cardio exercise routines. If you play a good game, you may burn plenty of calories and also have plenty of fun in the act.

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