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Faulkner USA: Building From The Ground Up

Faulkner USA: Building From The Ground Up


Faulkner USA: Building From The Ground Up

by Rreynaldo Breckenridge

Faulkner USA is a design and building powerhouse based in Austin, Texas. Once a small, locally based company, it has grown into a nationwide juggernaut of construction and building design. With over 700 projects delivered to public and private clients since its establishment, Faulkner USA is making a mark on the national market. Faulkner USA has offered its many services to public clients and private partners since 1962. They have set a high bar in standards of professionalism, skill, and competition. Faulkner USA gives every project the individual attention it deserves and takes a very individualized approach, thinking and acting like owners. By guaranteeing the best in price, devotion, and expertise, the company has grown into the powerhouse that today has produced many designs and structures nationwide.

With local roots, Faulkner USA has had a great impact on Austin as it has continued to grow as a company. They are responsible for such projects as the Hilton Austin hotel and the Hilton Austin Airport. Upon its opening in 2003, the Hilton Austin has been rated #21 out of the 184 hotels in Austin, and it has won the Texas Construction Magazine Best of 2004 Award of Excellence for Construction, the Downtown Austin Alliance 2004 IMPACT Award, and the Austin Commercial Real Estate Society (ACRES) award of excellence.

Originating from a local business establishment, Faulkner USA has significantly affected Austin's economy and construction industry, and it is unstoppable expand to other places. Have you seen Hilton Austin hotel and the Hilton Austin Airport? The Faulkner USA made it. Last open in 2003, the Hilton Austin hotel has a great reputation of being the number 21 among the 184 hotels in the city of Austin. And not only that, Hilton Austin has been awarded as the Texas Construction Magazine Best of 2004 Award of Excellence for Construction, and the Austin Commercial Real Estate Society (ACRES) award of excellence and many more. That's why having seen the great results, Hilton Hotels Corporation agreed to make FaulknerUSA as their developer of the year in 2002.Aside from these big projects, there are some big projects like Dallas Woman's Museum, the Towers of Town Lake in Austin, and the McKinney Roughs.This only means that FaulknerUSA has been a part of the economy and a significant builder in the state of Texas.

Faulkner USA had also built projects for the military. A project named after an American president; the George H.W Bush project for the military personnel was also made by FaulknerUSA. This project was done to provide private housing for the American army. Military bases and houses made by Faulkner USA are all complete with recreational and amenities to support satisfactory living.

FaulknerUSA has not only been a big part of development in Texas, but has provided its services to many different clients throughout the nation as well. They have erected hotels in cities such as Denver, Omaha, and Vancouver. The Hilton Vancouver Washington is one of the first hotels in the country to receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the United States Green Building Council. Hospitals in South Dakota and Arkansas offer their services to the ailing thanks to the hard work of FaulknerUSA. The beautiful Kona Vista homes of Hawaii overlook the gold coast and allow its many residents to enjoy a little slice of paradise. These structures spread across the nation are a testament to the hard work and dedication displayed by Faulkner USA.

As part of its dedication to bring service to the country, FaulknerUSA continues to strive to win the heart of the real estate developers and investors. To be acknowledged as one of the awardee of the Construction Leaders Agreement for Safety award by OSHA is a true sign that this company is on track to their mission and vision in providing quality service. They have the ample amount of professionalism and the competence to give the service everybody wants and deserves.

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Find out more about Faulkner USA, a countrywide builder powerhouse based out of Austin, Texas. Faulkner USA is recognized for turnkey construction delivery throughout the country.

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