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Fashionable Beach Wedding Clothes

Fashionable Beach Wedding Clothes


Fashionable Beach Wedding Clothes

by Pietro Sakakibara

If you have been invited to attend a wedding on the beach (and have never been to one before), then the prospect of picking the appropriate beach wedding clothes may have you befuddled. Most weddings are formal, or at least dressy, but this one's on a beach!

Is a man's designer silk suit appropriate, or should guys wear beach shorts with tropical prints? Is it better to adopt a surfer look with unkempt hair, or should you comb your hair neatly? And should ladies wear their special-occasion $500 red Prada pumps or a simple pair of flip-flops? The typical seaside ceremony is more casual than a traditional church wedding, and beach wedding clothes are usually more casual as well.

If you are lucky, your wedding invitation contained hints for what to wear. If not, before planning your outfit, send a short email asking the bride and groom if they have clothing suggestions for the wedding. Beach attire with an upscale look is probably what they will recommend. No matter what clothing they suggest, they will appreciate that you are interested enough to ask...and that you are planning to attend!

If you're still unclear after you ask, here are some guidelines to help you:

Men's Beach Wedding Attire: Forget about black, because it is usually reserved for the groom (although this restriction is usually not as strictly observed as white clothing being limited to brides). Dress slacks and a white cotton shirt with a button-down collar are usually safe choices for an informal ceremony.

If you'd feel more comfortable in a suit, go with linen slacks and jacket in a lighter color with a casual, striped shirt underneath - this will give you an air of relaxed formality and help you strike the perfect balance between casual and dressy. If you want to be more adventurous (or beachy) go with well-tailored cotton, linen or silk-blend draw-string pants or shorts and a tropical-print silk shirt.

Leather sandals are a satisfactory choice for shoes, although you'll want to make sure they have enough openings to let the sand escape. That's not an issue with leather flip-flops, which also work well. Depending on how informal the ceremony is and what else you're wearing, you can even go barefoot. Take care not to overdo it though. You wouldn't want to go without shoes if you're wearing a classy linen suit.

Women's Beach Wedding Attire: You don't want to upstage the bride with your beach wedding clothes, so whatever you decide to wear, don't out-dress her. Formal weddings give you more freedom to wear dressy clothes, but if the ceremony is casual, your best choice is the type of beach attire you might wear to a fancy resort. Cotton or rayon lightweight skirts are perfect if the wedding beach is in the tropics. You'll achieve a flawless look if you pair one of these skirts with a cotton or rayon island-style top in bright, primary colors. A well-tailored jersey dress is another ideal option.

It's usually a good idea to stick with shorter dresses or skirts on the wedding beach. Long dresses and high heels should be avoided as both can make walking through deep sand extremely difficult. An island-themed bracelet, necklace and earrings, or some similar stylish but understated "bling," are just the thing set off your outfit.

To complete the look, wear sandals or dressy flip-flops with pretty painted toe-nails. If you'd rather go barefoot, wear a toe ring, ankle bracelet or barefoot sandals. Foot jewelry works particularly well if it is crafted from coral, shells or other items that show off your beach wedding clothes.

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