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Fab or Drab Burberry Tumbled Tote Bag

Fab or Drab Burberry Tumbled Tote Bag


Fab or Drab Burberry Tumbled Tote Bag

by Donna Imani

As of late I have been finding more reasons to love Burberry handbags. Their leather bags continue to not only be fashionable and current but also affordable. And now I found a new Burberry bag that I want so badly to like but can't help but look at it and see jean pockets.

I know many designers put two pockets on the front of their bags. This is nothing new. But there are times when I see a bag with pockets on the front that has me feeling like I am staring at a pair of jeans. And I am not sure the belted top detail helps the Burberry Tumbled Leather Tote look less like half a torso of someones body. Nevertheless, the bag still has many likable features.

The shade of pink is just so precious, and not in a nice way. And then there's too much non-white stitching on the white version. Also, two shoulder straps makes no sense. That second strap isn't long enough to make it a cross-body bag, and the first strip is plenty long enough to wear on the shoulder.

I can't get past that awful pastel pink color burberry bags. I don't even like the style of it, so I couldn't even pass the white version. I have to LOVE a bag to death to buy it in white. You take them outside the door and dirt is just attracted to them!

The oversized buckles add a utility feel add an unexpected twist to the bag. The combination of light pink or white leather with the slouchy body, pockets, and buckles makes for an interesting finished product. As much as I kept talking about this bag reminding me of jean pockets, I am only seeing an online image.

Once you try any bag on it looks entirely different than in stock images, so I would like to give this bag the benefit of the doubt. I love that Burberry uses sheepskin, which gives ultimate softness, on this bag

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