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Exercise, Lose Weight, Gain Health

Exercise, Lose Weight, Gain Health

by Patsie Adams


Exercise, Lose Weight, Gain Health

by Patsie Adams

We have long heard that there are benefits to exercise and that we should include it in our daily life. But what are those benefits exactly? This article is all about those specific exercise benefits.

The first benefits of exercise you will discover are the great effects it will have on your heart and lungs. Exercise will bring more oxygen to every cell in your body and improve the condition of your lungs and heart. The heart will be able to work more efficiently and effectively which will improve the circulation in your whole body.

When you increase the strength of your heart and lungs, you will avoid chronic illnesses like stroke, heart attack and breathing problems like asthma.

Weight loss is probably the most welcome among the benefits of exercise. For most people, losing weight is the reason that they began their exercise program in the first place. Well, weight loss can help you avoid many illnesses too.

Combined with a healthy, sensible diet, you can boost the benefits of exercise. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this is the most ideal combination.

Many people don't realize that exercise is also good for our emotional well-being. Those who work out regularly will tell you it's a mood booster. Exercise releases endorphins that give us that happy feeling. Besides, you will lose weight, you will look good and the confidence that brings can make anyone feel good.

Regular exercise in your daily schedule can also help you sleep better. Come bedtime, your body will crave that deep sleep from all the previous activity. Do make sure however, that you do not exercise too close to bedtime.

Exercise is also an energy booster, particularly in the hours right after you do it. This is the reason why it is really best done at the start of your day. Then again, this is not always possible so just make sure you schedule it at least five hours before sleeping at night.

And try to notice, those who are active actually have really good complexions. Working out enhances circulation, proper elimination and oxygenation of the skin. It's your best age-defying treatment - not those costly, risky surgeries.

10 There are so many benefits to exercise that will greatly improve your life. You will feel better and look great after just a few weeks of regular workouts. It is one of the greatest natural gifts that you can give to yourself.

11 If you are feeling sluggish, tired and unhappy with your appearance, exercise is the best thing that you can do. So get moving!

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