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Exciting Adventure Holidays To Vietnam

Exciting Adventure Holidays To Vietnam


Exciting Adventure Holidays To Vietnam

by Jose Maurette Garces

If you are looking for a vacation spot that is something out of the ordinary, Vietnam is the place to choose. Other than the memories of the war, most people know very little about this country. Little by little the country is opening up to tourism, and they are offering some intriguing adventure Vietnam holidays.

Kite surfing is an activity that has become popular in recent years. Mui Ne is known for its steady winds, low amount of rainfall, beautiful beach, great accommodations and fabulous nightlife. Besides being the perfect spot for advanced kite surfers, courses are offered for beginners and intermediates.

Fourteen day cultural tours will have you seeing the well-known attractions in Vietnam. To make this possible, you will take national flights from place to place. A speedboat ride on the Saigon River and an evening cruise in Hoi An to enjoy the sunset are some of the highlights. Most visitors enjoy seeing the amazing tunnel system at Cu Chi that was used by communist guerrillas in the Vietnam war.

Take an 18 day adventure tour that will allow you to see Vietnam as it really is. Bicycle through the city of Hanoi, cruise and paddle in the Halong Bay and spend the night aboard the boat. Hike in the Bach Ma National Park and enjoy overnight camping. Another boat ride down the Mekong River will take you to the Mekong Delta where you can bicycle through its fruit laden valleys.

If luxury is what you are looking for, Vietnam has it all on its Luxury Tour. With the starting point in Saigon, you will explore the city and the country north of it. The last week of the vacation will be spent in the southern part of the country on a peninsula or an island just off the coast in a luxury resort where you won't lack for anything.

There are limitless opportunities for adventure holidays to Vietnam. If there are certain sites you want to see or special activities you want to participate in, you can create your own special adventure holiday. No matter what tour you decide on, your trip to Vietnam will be an unforgettable memory.

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