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Excessive Sweating Is NOT Your Fault

Excessive Sweating Is NOT Your Fault


Excessive Sweating Is NOT Your Fault

by Sam Sose

Sweating, especially on the face, can be a very uncomfortable condition. Coupled with excessive sweating, Facial Hyperhidrosis can be down right debilitating. If you suffer from this, then you will want to read this article. Although it might be the butt of some jokes, having hyperhidrosis is no laughing matter.If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, then you must understand that you must have multiple remedies to relieve your ailment.

Surprisingly, some people have tried to apply antiperspirant on their face to give some relief. It is not recommended you attempt this. It's not the best solution. Facial Hyperhidrosis not only handicaps you in social situations, it can also make for a bad first impression. Typically, nervous or stressed out people often have sweaty faces, but those suffering from hyperhidrosis can't help it. Let's review some options you have.

First Line of Defense

The first thing you should do is to try and avoid using moisturizers on your face.This can clog the pores, which can trigger the skin to produce excessive sweat. Less is more. If you still need to use some, try to select the lightest type. If your face is especially dry, only use the bare minimum to reduce the chances that your skin will have a bad reaction. Another thing to consider is your family tree. Do you have any relatives or kin that suffer from this as well?

Studies show that hereditary plays a part in the condition. Be sure to check with others and see what they practice to help control their excessive facial sweat.Everyone is different so it's best to do your research. They might have just brushed aside this illness and taken it lightly. Try to find out how they handle their condition. it might help shed some light regarding yours. Commonly, they typically carry around a handkerchief or small washcloth to pat dry their forehead and neck.

Option #2

The second thing you can do is to use a little bit of talcum powder on your face and forehead. Application for talcum powder should be used with discretion. Avoid breathing in too much of the white powder.Only use a very light dusting so the pigment and color of your face doesn't turn white. Using talcum powder is actually more effective than using antiperspirants on your forehead and face.

If you wear makeup, you can also use your powder to help set the moisture and you don't need to double up with talcum powder. Try to use the powder version rather than the cream version.Remember, powder is always better than creams.

Don't Face It Alone

If you do have excessive sweating of the face, don't worry. There is hope. You can get back to living a normal social life. Just try a couple of things and see what works best for you and your skin.

Studies also show that your food intake can have an adverse effect on sweating problems. Spicy foods should be avoided at all costs. if you can, try to decrease your intake of spicy foods. Better yet, try to stop eating them at all. You can take steps to controlling your excessive facial sweating. It will take some effort but it is possible to get back to a thriving social life.

Stop Suffering From Excessive Sweating

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