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Everything You Need to Know When You're Buying a GMRS Radio

Everything You Need to Know When You're Buying a GMRS Radio


Everything You Need to Know When You're Buying a GMRS Radio

by Aaron Bennett

GMRS is an acronym that stands for General Mobile Radio Service. When it was first introduced in the 1960s, it had another name -- Class A Citizens Radio.

What is a GMRS Radio? GMRS radios usually are small handheld devices that have a very similar appearance to FRS or Family Radio Service radios. The two services have several things in common, even using the same frequencies. The major difference is that FRS does not require a license with access to public stations and commercials bands. These 2 way radios are popular because they are easy to use and there is no monthly or annual fee that must be paid to operate them.

Small businesses that are run by families use this radio system to keep in touch with other members throughout the work day. This provides them with a much less expensive communication system than buying individual cell phones for all the personnel that need to communicate with each other every day. A setup like this can help a family-run business save thousands of dollars in communication costs that they otherwise would need to pay to a cellular company for the expenses of operating that type of system.

Great Advantages - When using a GMRS radio, there are no airtime charges with only investment in the radio itself as well as the federal license needed. Radio use does not entail having to dial a number making these devices much easier use than a cell phone because all you have to do is push a button and speak, and then release the button and listen. Also, you never need to worry about poor reception areas as when you use a cell phone.

A License is Required - When the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) determined that people using this radio service would need to be licensed, the name of the service was changed to GMRS. The FCC decided that if it required licensing to use the service, only people who would participate would take up the airways.

Also, through the process of licensing, public records were created that would keep track of who used the system and could also help to identify any malfunctions that could cause interference on any channels being used.

Licensing also is a way to ensure that GMRS license applicants opt for the type of radio service that would be appropriate for them. The service typically is used by family members who run their own business and want to stay in touch with each other on a daily basis without having to pay for a private radio operation.

How to Obtain a Valid GMRS License - It is important that people who operate a GMRS radio service without having a valid license issued by the FCC know that they are subject to a fine as well as legal action. The GMRS license application process and fairly easy. You can do it online by either filing a Universal Licensing System (ULS) application or by filling out the FCC Form 605 which you can download and print right from the FCC website.

GMRS License Facts - The whole GMRS radio licensing process should take from between 4 to 8 weeks. You should list every family member that will be using the service on your application. The license you will receive will allow everyone in your immediate family to use the GMRS radio service. A license typically costs about $85 and will be valid for five years before coming up for renewal.

About the Author:
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