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Essential Greenhouse Accessories for Successful Indoor Gardening

Essential Greenhouse Accessories for Successful Indoor Gardening


Essential Greenhouse Accessories for Successful Indoor Gardening

by Sarah Duke

Greenhouses are not just static structures that stand empty. They have complex watering systems and are equipped with tools, furniture and the other accessories required to care for the plants inside. Tools, measuring instruments, and the like naturally come to mind for any avid gardener, but there are dozens of accessories for the greenhouse itself, as well.

Oftentimes, plastic, glass or louvered shutters are employed to regulate air and sun intake as part of a greenhouse's design. These help to keep the greenhouse properly ventilated, which is especially important in temperate regions where the daylight hours are long and hot. But, as with all things, they are not indestructible and must be replaced. But even when they don't break, the greenhouse shopper may want to consider replacing them with auto-louvers, which allow opening and closing the shutters automatically. Some work on a timer, others are triggered by temperature.

Galvanized steel braces are available that will allow you to shore up the base of your greenhouse. They act somewhat like a metal strap around a wooden barrel, giving it additional strength and supporting the structure. This can help maintain structural integrity during severe weather and even assist the roof in withstanding a heavy load of snow.

Shelving has become something of a functional art form; gone are the days of static, boring storage space. Now you can purchase adjustable aluminum shelving and create units with the dimensions of your choice. Others can be re-arranged into different geometrical shapes for attractive displays and maximizing space usage. And, they come with different features: wheels, plastic liners, etc. - plus a variety of colors!

Rainwater kits are a great addition to any greenhouse because they make watering the plants a breeze and optimize your water use. You can get small, single nozzles or entire tracks; some have misting attachments, movable heads and other gizmos. Many are controllable by digital 24-hour/365-day timers.

There are heating devices in dozens of different styles. You can heat your entire greenhouse through the winter with a track system, or just spot heat one corner with a lamp or "toaster coil" heater.

There are many good books available online to help you build a greenhouse, maintain it, and grow many types of fabulous plants. Information is available with the click of a button no matter the subject.

About the Author:
Greenhouse gardening is the perfect way to extend your growing season. In particular, a mini indoor greenhouse is a popular and convenient way to grow plants throughout the winter. Click here to learn more about the indoor greenhouse.

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