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Elliptical Machines and Why They Give a Better Workout

Elliptical Machines and Why They Give a Better Workout


Elliptical Machines and Why They Give a Better Workout

by Amanda Jocks

Many people have home exercise equipment like exercise bikes and treadmills and though these are fine, the elliptical machines are better. When you workout on those other machines you work out one part of your body, upper or lower, but on an elliptical machine you work out both. Whoever you are and whatever age or fitness level you are at an elliptical machine can meet your needs, help you loose weight, gain muscle and tone up.

Each workout can be changed to suit how you feel that day and what you want to work on. Use the setting to change difficulty and have long or short workouts. Quite often very overweight people are unable to use other home equipment because of joint pain in the ankles and knees. Older people with weak bones or those with arthritis find that jogging on a treadmill has too much of an impact on their joints and causes a lot of pain. On an elliptical machine these people will not be faced with this, it is extremely low impact meaning everyone can workout pain free.

Exercise does not have to be seen as a chore and the bonus to elliptical machines is that they are fun to work out on. Many owners who have tried other home gym equipments agree their workouts are more enjoyable compared to other workouts plus there is less pain. The movement and the feeling (as if on air) are not what you are used to so need to be adjusted to but once you have that sorted you will not want to go back to old routines.

Medicine shows that if you workout more than just one part of the body, then you are going to loose more weight because of more calories being burnt. Your muscle mass will increase and in general you will feel good - healthier and fitter than ever before. Your heart will be healthier, your blood pressure lower and your cholesterol levels will drop. You will discover a whole new lease of life and bounds of energy from working out on these.

The workouts are challenging and are something you can really focus on. It becomes an achievement when you have finished one and you can feel proud of yourself for the improvement to your strength and stamina. Having a challenge in life makes it more interesting and this workout will keep you coming back for more!

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