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Electric And Gas Powered Mini Pocket Bikes

Electric And Gas Powered Mini Pocket Bikes


Electric And Gas Powered Mini Pocket Bikes

by Steve Crooks

If you are out shopping for a mini bike, there are only two variations that are available for you and those are whether to go with the electric or the gas powered one. No matter whether the outer body kit looks like a scooter, a chopper or a sports bike, they will all have to fall under the two categories of gas or electric motor engines.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages:

The already set benchmark when looking at your two variations of the above mean of transport is that they are both mini bikes. Which kind you will go with however will depend on your tastes and preferences. Your likes and dislikes will boil down to things like sound pollution and the amount of smog that you leave behind your bike as you ride away. The smoothness of your ride is also a huge determinant.


The noise that an electric mini bike makes is almost a purr compared to that of a gas powered bike. You will also never leave a trail of smog behind your mini bike no matter what the age of your bike. With maximum lad of 250lbs, the electric bike can carry one for a distance of 25 miles before it needs a new recharge.

Gas powered mini bikes are so loud they might as well just be called real motor bikes when it comes to noise pollution. They can however, according to the buyers wishes, be souped up t be faster than the stock speed that they come in. A lot of people who want to get real motor bikes in the near future also use gas powered mini bikes to move on to the real thing. Mechanics also try to learn their basics from them first.

The Minuses:

The electric bike will remain on the same stock speed that it was bought with. You will never be able to make it go a bit faster in the same way that you can with the gas powered bike. Once the charge on your electric mini bike's battery is over, you will need at least half a day to charge it up again.

Word of Advice:

The set stoke speed on a $200 bike may soon be too much to bear with on a gas powered a short wile after buying it for your kids. You might as well just go ahead and add the extra $100 and get all the benefits of the Electric mini bike.

About the Author:
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