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Easy Wedding Favors

Easy Wedding Favors


Easy Wedding Favors

by Fisiwa Masu

If your forthcoming wedding arrangements are getting you down, just start thinking about the type of wedding favors you are going to give your guest and you will feel in a better frame of mind. Even though it is simple to choose wedding favors, it is best not to leave shopping for them to the last minute as you may be disappointed and have to start all over. If you are still thinking about this area then consider the ideas mentioned below.

Why not hire some large glass bowls from the caterers and place them in the centre of each table full of your favorite candy. Cards can be used to encourage the guests to enjoy the candy and bags can be provided to allow guests to take additional candy home. This wedding favor requires no wrapping, except the bowls perhaps with some ribbon, and will take only moments to set up.

If you prefer something non edible then why not try using small picture frames and use them for the place setting cards at each table. Normally when picture frames are used by couple at their wedding, they spend a great deal of time wrapping them beautifully but with this idea there is no need while still looking effective.

Wrapping many items such as this tends to cause unnecessary stress as it takes so much time which really isn't required when there are so many other things to arrange. The effect of seeing the picture frames with each persons name and place on a card will provide a decent effect without anyone questioning why they were not wrapped.

A final thought for a very quick wedding favor is to provide each guest a digital photo of themselves at the wedding. You may find your wedding photographer will be happy to provide this service which could be done as your guests arrive.

All the photographer needs to do is supply a fast printer to ensure that the images will be printed ready for the guests as they leave later on. This is a great idea for a wedding favor because your guests will likely be dressed up and will welcome the chance to pose for a professional photo. It will be great for everyone who attends to be able to take their wedding favor away with them and they will see photos of all the other guests as well.

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