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Easy Way To Get More Music Using YouTube.com

Easy Way To Get More Music Using YouTube.com


Easy Way To Get More Music Using YouTube.com

by Nate Welling

The advancement of technology gives rise to music and video hosting websites. There are thousands of websites out there that offers free music and video where people can search, play, view and even upload and share their favorite music and video. But the most popular websites among them today is the YouTube, Where you can search, upload and play your favorite music and videos free. However, you can not directly get a copy or download the one you like since it needs a software or a website to extract that flash video file (.flv) from the site. Through this article you will know how to do it fast and easy.

Because of the bulk stream of people being entertained through YouTube videos, the question on how to download and convert YouTube videos into music format puzzled some of our people's mind. Since YouTube converts all uploaded videos to Flash video file (flv), users and viewers should have installed flash player program in their computers to be able to play the YouTube videos. By reading this article you will learn the simple ways to download and get more music using Youtube.com.

Downloading the YouTube video means it can be played and viewed in various video formats such as MPEG, AVI, DIVx, MP4, 3GP, WMV, ASF, QT, MOV, VOB and more. Similarly the YouTube videos can be converted to audio formats such as MP3, AC3, AAC and MP4. So that you will be able to download, play and view the YouTube videos to portable video units such as PC, Ipod, PSP, iphone, PDA, PocketPC, mobile phones and more.

As for the downloading of YouTube videos, there are many available software application and websites to do it. To start, you must download the application software used to download and convert youtube videos. You just select from a thousands of free video converting software in the internet. So, follow steps on the site, download the software, install it and then run it into your pc.

Now open again another internet browser and search for a site in Google (i.e www.getaudiofromvideo.com). Open the site and look for the URL box on the upper part of the screen. Paste the copied URL address from YouTube. Beside the URL box, choose your preferred format option youlike the video to be converted into. Such file maybe converted to different format and you have to choose among them that can be played by your media player.You can wait a few minutes and conversion will be completed and click the download icon.

Each of these programs and websites has their own little twist, but more than likely, the steps are fairly simple and it will only take you a few minutes to get the music and videos that you want downloaded. Using application software is good in handling large number of videos to convert. If you are planning to convert more than one video at a time this is suitable for you. But if you have only a few videos and you dont want the time in downloading and installing of software then you can resort to website conversion. It is very easy to use and for this reason it is free and you can convert as many as you want but one file at a time.

Once finished, you must see to it that the output file is having the same audio and video quality to the source. You must have compared the source video into the converted one for some irregularities of sound and video.

Playing the file into any media player will also check its compatibility format. If your device is already connected follow the usual process of getting your files on to your portable gadget. Again, make sure the video plays the way you want it to play. If its sounds good then your lucky but if not then begin searching for another software application or websites that can convert your favorite music video the way you wanted.After having succesfully downloaded and converted your favorite youtube videos, it's now time for you to enjoy the sound of music.

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