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Driving Work" - How To Really Earn Money

Driving Work" - How To Really Earn Money


Driving Work" - How To Really Earn Money

by Greg Richards

What is a courier job and what does this entail? Well this is a great job if you want low start-up costs and flexibility with your working hours. This kind of business would require you to deliver packages etc to businesses for a courier company. You would be using your own vehicle or van and would work on a freelance basis. This means you would not have to carry on working for that particular company if you did not want to and would be able to arrange working hours to suit your lifestyle.

Once you have decided this is the type of business you would like to run then you need to get a business plan together. Firstly this is imperative if you are going to have to borrow any funds to start your business. The banks will want to see your proposals etc and how you see your business growing. Secondly if you don't write a business plan you are likely to fail. You should never start a business with airy fairy ideas. You need to plan your short term, medium and long term goals and these need to include your cashflow, costings and profits.

To be successful doing courier work you are going to need a reliable van not some "cheap" dodgy one from your mate down the road that will break down every time you look at it. Unless you have savings set aside or some other method of purchasing your van you will probably have to borrow the money. There are various options open to you and you should carry out your research before you commit to anything. Always take into consideration that your van will depreciate over time and this needs to be added to any calculations/forecasts you may have.

If you are undecided whether or not to buy a new or second hand van you need to think about the following: "Wear and Tear" - being a courier is not the same as using your own personal car for short journeys. You and your van are, hopefully, going to be doing some considerable miles annually and this means you will need replacement parts sooner. If you do purchase a new van it should include a warranty which will cover certain costs for a period of time. A second hand van might not and if you are having to borrow money to buy the van and then pay extra if problems occur this could severely eat into any profits you may be making.

Another large costing and important factor that needs to be researched thoroughly and added to your business plan is insurance and breakdown cover. If you use a vehicle in your business your insurance is going to be higher than a normal policy (where you just use your vehicle to travel between your home and place of work). It is very important that you shop around for your insurance and breakdown policy and read the small print. You don't want to be paying your loan on your van with no van on the road and no work!

Ok so this article has run through some of the basics and what you need to do now is investigate every aspect of this business thoroughly before you commit to anything! Start off with your business plan and at the end of this if you still think a courier job will be profitable get the best deals available. Take your time and don't rush in.

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