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Dreams from God

Dreams from God


Dreams from God

by Thomas Wong

God still speaks today. It is true that He sometimes reveals through dreams. We understand dreams as one kind of visions that appears during sleep. Researches show that dreams is common to happen during rapid eye movement state of sleep. On average, a person dreams 4 dreams every night. But we normally forget most about them. Most dreams are abstract and confusing. Common reasons for dreams are day time activities or thoughts. Like bible tells us in Ecclesiastes that dreams are from multitude of business. And external stimulus like voices or temperature also causes dreams to happen.

God says in Deuteronomy chapter 13 verse 1 to 3 that if there is a dreamer of dreams, gave you a sign, the sign came to pass and said let us worship other gods, you should put him to death. These dreams came from the evil spirits. They are lies from the devil which aims at misleading people away from God. We must test every dreams with the truth of God, Words in the bible, to prevent falling into traps of the devil.

It is biblical that God speaks with dreams and visions. Examples from both the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly illustrate the fact. King Solomon dreamed that God were there to give him anything he asked for. He then asked for wisdom to manage the nation. God was well pleased and gave him unprecedented prosperity. In the book of revelations, a large part of the visions may have come from Apostle John's dream.

There are many different purposes for divine dreams to be given to man. There were some dreams which had meaning or influence to a whole generation or time in history. But after the bible is complete, there seems to be no more dreams of such level of importance. Nowadays, the dreams from God are only given for personal meaning, to bless someone's inner man and to save souls, to preach the gospel. Among the examples of divine dreams in the bible, none of the dreamer asked for the dream. God gave the dreams according to his own will. Therefore, it is advised that no one should try to ask for dreams lest they fell into deceptions of the devil that is able to tempt people to believe in lies with false dreams.

Sometimes God gives dreams to reveal His divine plan for the future in order to make people aware and prepared for the things to come, like what happened in the story of Daniel. God would also speak to stubborn souls with dreams to reveal His will and try to stop someone from sinning.

Although God still uses dreams to speak to people even today, Christians should focus more on their study and understanding of truth. If someone only bases his faith of Jesus on merely dreams and visions without a clear understanding of the Doctrine of the whole bible, he could be easily deceived out of truth. Therefore, we must test every prophetic message with biblical truth and discern whether the message leads people to know God and love God or it creates confusions and distress. If we notice any messages which induce people to stop reading the bible or stop praying to God, then these are obviously not from God. Good tree bears good fruit, bad tree bears bad fruit.

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