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DoTerra Review: A Deeper Look Into This New Network Marketing Company

DoTerra Review: A Deeper Look Into This New Network Marketing Company


DoTerra Review: A Deeper Look Into This New Network Marketing Company

by Shawn J. Taylor

Doterra Review: If you haven't heard of DoTerra, you will soon. DoTerra has been taking the essential oils network marketing industry by storm. Health care professionals and scientists that wanted to enhance our lives with the benefits of essential oils founded the DoTerra in 2008. DoTerra is a Latin meaning, "Gift of the Earth." The founders wanted to bring a new standard to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. One of those founders, Dr. David Hill, is an internationally recognized lecturer on wellness. Dr. Hill, a licensed Chiropractic Physician has been instrumental in integrative medicine. Not only are the founders top-notch, but also the products are incredible.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

DoTerra's Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade that exceeds all AFNOR and ISO standards for purity. All of the essential oils are independent laboratory tested for purity and potency. DoTerra's Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. The company's product line consists of essential oils, foaming hand wash, supplements, and bath salts. DoTerra's Frankincense Essential oil has been helping people who have been suffering with bladder cancer. Dr. Hsueh-Hung Lin PhD, a DoTerra Scientific Advisor and a professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has found that Frankincense Essential oil induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity. The research is published at PubMed's website.

The Business Opportunity

DoTerra's compensation plan is designed for long-term residual income. You can become a distributor for a little as $50 dollars. There are many kits to chose from, ranging in price from $50 to $500 dollars. To receive all bonuses and commission members, you will need to stay active by either purchasing 100 in personal volume each month or being on a 100 (PV) autoship. The autoship program also has perks. You can earn credits up to 30% of your 100 (PV) that can be used to purchase products. DoTerra added an incentive to keep your members on autoship. The "Power of Three Bonus" will allow you to earn $50 per month on your first level if three distributors are on a 100 (PV) autoship. If you help those three get three distributors on a 100 (PV) autoship, then you earn $250 per month. You will earn $1,500 per month if you get those nine distributors sponsor there three distributors on a 100 (PV) autoship. Not a bad incentive.

DoTerra's Compensation Plan is a Unilevel paid seven levels deep. Here is the breakdown of percentages paid.

Level 1 - 2%
Level 2 - 3%
Level 3 - 5%
Level 4 - 5%
Level 5 - 6%
Level 6 - 6%
Level 7 - 7%

When you personally enroll new distributors in to your business, you will earn 20% on their sales volume for the first 30 days. Also infinity bonuses and leadership bonus pools are available.

All and all DoTerra has a competitive compensation plan for their distributors to earn residual income. To really achieve success in DoTerra, distributors need is to have a right set of marketing strategies and tools. You will lessen your chances of failure if you have the marketing education and tools to connect to the masses. DoTerra is a network marketing company and should be treated as such. Learn to market and your success in DoTerra will increase your chances of success ten-fold.

About the Author:
Read the full Doterra review. Shawn Taylor has help hundreds of network marketers market Doterra & others online.

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