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Don't Just Wish - Be a Network Marketing Success

Don't Just Wish - Be a Network Marketing Success


Don't Just Wish - Be a Network Marketing Success

by Zohn B Loren

Baseball stars who were inducted into the Hall of Fame only played every third game and only when they felt like playing. Or was it when they were wearing their lucky socks? Every baseball fan knows the key to great ball players who made it into the Hall of Fame was consistency and riding out the ups and downs of each game. If you want to become an MLM success, you have to be consistent in all that you do in the business.

How do you leverage that consistency into success - into profit? See people for what they are and money for what it is. Don't treat customers and prospects as a means to an end for your business.

Caring about people, investing in their lives, and getting involved in their success is what motivates people and makes them gravitate toward you. The users always end up as losers - losing their downline, losing profit, and ultimately losing their business.

There's a sad joke that says to get to the top of the money-making ladder, you have to step on people. The trouble with that kind of thinking is that after awhile they'll move out of the way and you'll fall.

So if you think of people only in terms of what you can add to your bank balance, you need to change your philosophy. The MLM marketers who are enjoying the greatest success put money second to people.

You don't want to get a reputation as someone who believes in success at any cost. Multi level marketing was never intended to be a business that promoted one person's success over anyone else's.

It was meant to be a business structure that shared the wealth available to anyone who wanted to invest and work to reach his or her monetary dreams. Your goal as a marketer should be to help others reach their dreams, to teach them and show them ways they can get the job done when they stumble. Caring about the people you bring on board is the key to having the most MLM success.

But you also have to stop daydreaming about what could be. This takes away from your productivity. You need to be focused on what tasks are at hand right this second and forge through the down times so that you can one day enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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