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Dog Food Ingredients Uncovered!

Dog Food Ingredients Uncovered!


Dog Food Ingredients Uncovered!

by Lizzie Novotny

We all want the best for our pets, so dog food ingredients would be near the top of the list. But what is actually in commercially prepared dog food? The recent pet food recall added to our concerns.

It's important to understand what goes into that big bag of dog food. While reading the label can be confusing, with a little detective work you can decipher much of the hidden content of your dog's food. Nutrition is the key.

What's in a name?

The initial idea as to the substances associated with your pet dog food is normally located in the title. If the food is termed regarding the main element, such as "Lamb Dog Food", in that case the actual named ingredient, i.e. lamb, will have to produce up at the very least seventy percent of the food. However in cases where the title of the meal is called a "dinner" or "formula" such as "Beef Formula" or "Chicken Dinner", then the ingredient may well only come up to twenty-five percent of the meal. Empty fillers make up the difference in content in those kinds of food.

Seeking To Get The Best Dog Food

Usually the dog food ingredients listing will end up being accompanied by words such as "meal" "by-products", "crude proteins".

By-products are dog food ingredients that make up much of poorer dog foods. Meat by-products are the left over parts of the animal unfit for human consumption, such as the intestines, organs, and diseased animals.

Crude Protein can be frequently produced from the hooves in addition to hair of animals, as well as the feathers and beaks of chicken. Although this protein source may perhaps help make up a strong percentage of a given dog food, extremely little of it could essentially be consumed by your canine.

Meal refers to cereal grains, the leftover hulls and husks of wheat and corn, after being processed for human use. These have very little nutritional value.

Get Out the Reading Glasses and Pay Attention to the Ingredients!!

Take a look at the substances labeled on the package regarding your dogs' nutrition. Usually there may be 20 or even more products outlined! The dog food ingredients are usually shown on the label involving overall quantity, with the first few substances making up the most important content associated with the actual food.

A dog food using ingredients detailed as "beef, chicken meal, barley, brown rice" can be consequently prepared with real beef as it's most important component, a strong essential animal-protein resource.

Another label may read, "Ground wheat, corn meal, meat meal, chicken fat, wheat gluten". In this example, a meat product is not the largest component of the food or even the second! The meat products that are being used are the by-products, and do not supply an adequate source of meat based protein to the dog.

What's Within Your Dog's Bowl? Do You Understand Pet Dog Meal Nutrition?

When you possess the knowledge in order to understand a dog food brand, it's time to take a glimpse at precisely what you have been giving your hunting dog. In the event that a bag of food isn't looking like it's worthy of the cash you paid for it, keep in mind a few additional points before you start exploring for a different brand.

So-called "organic" dog food ingredients can fall within a couple groups. Foods described "natural" hold at a minimum 95% true organic substances. Nonetheless, foods promoted as "made with all natural ingredients" could just include seventy percent organic ingredients. Together with the cost of these kinds of niche meal products on the rise, make certain your canine is enjoying the best pet food.

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