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Does Your Employer Take Safety Measures At The Workplace?

Does Your Employer Take Safety Measures At The Workplace?


Does Your Employer Take Safety Measures At The Workplace?

by Louis Jones

An employer is the person who employs or hires anybody on a reasonable salary. This salary is given to the employee in exchange to his work or labour for a particular task assigned to him. Employers hire the people for the job of a peon to the job of the managers and supervisors. No matter for which job you are being hired, the employers have a set of legal obligations. These obligations include in time salary payment, and safety and health at the work place. So, whenever you go for a job, being an employee, you certainly have the right to get your safety ensured by the employers.

As a working place is the framework settled by the employers to welcome the employees to contribute their expertise, strong infrastructure and quality of the equipment, in case of the industry, is the responsibility of the employer. When a new person is hired, the security of the employee, while being at work, has to be the first priority of the employer.

At different job positions, you are exposed to different threats, while doing a job at an office may not be as threatening, but still there needs to be fire alarms, and things like that for safety. The lives of people, working in factories, and industries, are in more danger from anyone, as they have to work on machines.

In all parts of life, we have to follow certain laws, and in the same way as an employee, certain laws are made for our safety. As an employee, security at the workplace is your right, and you can talk with the employer if you are not provided with necessary security equipment, or facilities at the workplace.

The employer is responsible to provide you all the machinery, and tools in the best of shape, so that you can work effectively. The temperature at the workplace should also be suitable. If you are working in a chemical lab, there must be emergency eyewash at the workplace. The first aid box should be a feature in any organisation.

Your primary right is the stipulation of any protecting, or security instrument liberated of cost. This security equipment should be of such superiority that is obligatory for your safety measures. Similar to those who work in the glass production factories should be provided with the exceptional heat resistant gloves, and costumes, so that the elevated temperature, and heat up of the kiln might not hurt the employees. Secondly, when you go to the employer with a safety measures related trouble, the apprehension of the employer shows his/her seriousness towards your shelter. If he/she does not pay attention to the concerns, then you can at all times, get in contact with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Secondly, when you go to the employer with a security related problem, the concern of the employer shows his sincerity towards your safety. If he does not pay heed to the concerns then you can always get in touch with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A worker is a human being and not a machine. Employers should realise the importance of your health. An employee should be given rest breaks during the working day. Moreover, the facility of neat and clean food and drinking water are the responsibilities of the employer. If the site of the factory is dangerous for the employees, like if there are chances of falling from the height, the employers must build some boundary walls or take other measures against it. At least, warning signs should be displayed to alarm the employees about the danger.

Hence, when an employer is hiring you, he is not buying your lives. You should be well-aware of your rights. After finding all the above mentioned characteristics in your employment contract, you can consider it a safe job for you.

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