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Does Increasing Metabolism Increase Arm Tone?

Does Increasing Metabolism Increase Arm Tone?


Does Increasing Metabolism Increase Arm Tone?

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

You've made a good arm toning decision by deciding to read this article. You see, learning how to manipulate your metabolism is the key to sexy arm success.

In fact, an ultra fast metabolism is arguably the single most powerful factor for getting rid of wobbly arm fat.

In this brief (but informative) article, I'll reveal some great ways to take your metabolism to the next level.

Without any more delay, here are 4 pointers that will get your metabolism (and arm toning) on the fast track:

1. Eat every couple of hours. You absolutely have to do this, no excuses. Eating smaller meals with a higher frequency increases the total thermic effect (calories burned from food digestion) in your body. Your arms will thank you for this by shrinking in size.

2. Stay away from long-duration cardio. Go overboard with cardio and your body will secrete cortisol. This dirty hormone will eat away all your precious muscle. I say precious because muscle is the number one thing that will send your metabolism through the roof. Never do more than 45 minutes of cardio at a time for best results.

3. Do HIT (high intensity) cardio. This one isn't mandatory, I recommend HIT cardio only for those women that are having a really hard time losing the arm flab. Otherwise, it isn't necessary and can be counterproductive.

4. Make weightlifting your best friend. You will not develop manly arms because your body does not have enough testosterone to do so. Don't forget that weightlifting (increasing muscle mass) is the absolute best way to increase your metabolism.

Ok, now you have 4 hacks for taking your arm toning (and metabolism) to the next level. Make sure you apply these hacks immediately and don't wait around for something to happen. Because that something usually never happens.

And remember that the faster you implement this information the faster you will notice results. Even better, you won't forget what you have learned.

About the Author:
Writer Katherine Crawford, a Harvard fitness physiologist and former flabby arms sufferer, instructs women on how to lose arm flab. Learn how to get sexy arms by visiting her website about how to get rid of flabby upper arms rapidly now!

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