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Does a Binocular Harness Really Help?

Does a Binocular Harness Really Help?


Does a Binocular Harness Really Help?

by Bart Icles

You have seen that one guy who never heads out without his binocular harness. He is the odd looking guy, since everyone else wears their binoculars on a neck strap. Have you stopped to wonder why he tolerates all the strange looks? Maybe because the harness really works.

A cheap set of binoculars can be pretty light, but a quality pair of binoculars are hefty. They have better housings, higher grade optics, heavy duty adjustments. Then when you start adding in binoculars with electronics for stabilization, or a built-in camera, you are talking some serious weight. Some of these high end binoculars will tip the scales at over 5 pounds. While this does not sound very heavy, after a full day of hunting with it pulling down on your neck it will seem heavy.

With all this weight focused on your neck, you will feel soreness in both your neck and upper back. You might attribute it to carrying all your other gear around for the day, but the binoculars hanging around your neck played a major role. When you use a binoculars harness the weight moves down onto your shoulders and your back. You have a more even distribution of the weight. You will experience less muscle fatigue and soreness.

The other factor which prompts many hunters to switch to a binocular harness strap is the constant swinging of the binoculars. Every step, every movement, gets them in motion. You grab for your gun, and they start swinging. You swing your shotgun to your shoulder for a shot, and the binoculars swing with it. It is not only annoying, it can be unsafe. If you would watch the guy with his Nikon binoculars securely strapped on with his Nikon Prostaff binocular harness you would see no swing. His binoculars stay in place. He swings his shotgun with confidence, while still wearing his binoculars.

As you walk down the field to pick up your birds, you'll notice he just quickly leans over, picks up the bird, and stores it away. You lean over, move your swinging binoculars out of the way, pick up your bird, move the binoculars, store the bird away.

Next time you are getting ready to head out hunting remember, it is not the guy with the bino harness who is odd. The rest of you just haven't learned the lessons he did. Of course, since you now know how effective a binocular harness can be, he might not be the only one with a harness.

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