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Do You Have Psoriasis?

Do You Have Psoriasis?


Do You Have Psoriasis?

by Dana Goldberg

Though there is no cure, there are many options for psoriasis treatment that are mostly very effective and help to manage the condition more than adequately. In the majority of cases, these will be managed directly by a doctor, but can be under the direction of a dermatologist.

There tend to be three main categories of psoriasis treatment; the choice of which is to be used depending on the severity of the condition. These three categories are; topical, phototherapy and oral, which will be chosen following a period of consultation and examination with the patient.

A topical treatment requires the use of ointments or creams, applied at home by the patient. The medication is applied directly to the affected area, and tends to be used for milder conditions. Though administered at home, their use needs to be carefully monitored as they can result in other skin complications.

Phototherapy is the use of light, natural or artificial, which help improve symptoms. This involved controlled exposure to different light forms but again, needs to be carefully managed as too much UV ray exposure can also have damaging effects. Sessions are conducted by a dermatologist, and may require overnight stays for monitoring purposes.

In very severe cases, and occasionally if the condition has failed to respond to other options, oral medication may be used. Again this needs to be carefully controlled as, though effective, can have some very damaging and life side affecting effects. Again, a dermatologist will be responsible for the treatment that could also include administering of medication through injections.

Whichever psoriasis treatment is selected, all benefits and possible negatives will be clearly discussed and explained, to ensure the patient is happy with what has been decided upon. Occasionally, more than one form of attack working together may be chosen by the doctor or dermatologist. Though some natural remedies exist, it is always advisable that a doctor is approached in the first instance.

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