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Discussion About Processors

Discussion About Processors


Discussion About Processors

by John B. Emmerson III

The evolution of business computing systems has taken us from mainframes to minicomputers to tower servers to rack-mounted blade servers and now to single-board computers.Whether these devices are applied as single-purpose application servers, things just keep getting smaller.Performance Technologies has newly launched the CPC5564, the world's first computer single-board blade system built around the PICMG 2.16 and 2.9 CompactPCI standards and AMD's 64-bit Opteron processors.The CPC5564 is part of Performance Technologies' next-generation product line specifically designed for high-end telecommunications, defense and homeland security, and commercial applications.

Performance Technologies' CPC5564 uses both single-core 2.2GHz and dual-core 1.8GHz Opteron processors that are easily upgradeable from 32-bit to 64-bit processing and supports Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems.

The profits of supporting CompactPCI and PCI Express/ PMC standards contain vertical card orientation for good cooling and positive card retention. User I/O connections can be accessible from the front or rear of the frame, and in its basic configuration, it supports eight slots but can be configured with bridge chips for simple expansion. Even without expanding beyond eight slots, Performance Technologies' CPC-5564 puts a lot of processing power in a very tiny space.

Aside from the formerly mentioned features, the CPC5564 is compatible with Performance Technologies' Advanced Managed Platform, which provides managed platforms targeting particular applications. The CPC5554 also includes 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB memory options; dual gigabit surface and onboard managed Ethernet switch; four external SATA channels or one channel PATA channel routed to a RTM USB 2.0 support; and an optional onboard hard drive.

Although there are some major manufacturers of single-board computing systems, competition to Performance Technologies' CPC5564 that offers the same performance capability is difficult to gain. Thales Computers provides a variety of single-board systems. The PENTXM is its maximum end system, and that is not yet 64-bit ready and comes standard with 10/100 Ethernet, according to Thales' product overview situated on its Web site.

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