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Discount Airline Tickets - The Secrets to Finding Them!

Discount Airline Tickets - The Secrets to Finding Them!


Discount Airline Tickets - The Secrets to Finding Them!

by Hemante Garces

Finding cheap airplane tickets can sometimes be a rather daunting task. Many people find the various schedules, prices, restrictions, and other factors quite dizzying - and usually quite aggravating - when booking their next airline flight.

If you can remember just a few key tips, you can save money and find the best discount airline tickets for you at that time. Here are some of the secrets that the more experienced travelers follow when making their own airline reservations:

Anytime you can book your own travel arrangements instead of working with a travel agent or an airline's reservation agent, you should save some money since those staffing costs aren't passed along to you. There are many "self-serve" reservation websites out there for you to use (Priceline.com and CheapOAir.com are two of the best known), and the airlines' own websites are also very user-friendly. You can always get assistance from the airlines or travel agencies to buy airline tickets if your travel requirements are complicated enough to warrant asking for their help.

To buy airline tickets weeks in advance of your departure can also save you money. A purchase made seven days prior to traveling is usually the minimum needed to realize any discounts; even better would be buying your tickets 2, 3, or 4 weeks in advance. (Although tickets bought at the last minute are usually the most expensive, some travelers consciously use that as a strategy to save money; more on that approach is below.)

Try to travel, if you can, on a Saturday, over the weekend, or during any other non-peak business hours. Business travel commands top dollar from the airlines, so your chances of finding discount airline tickets during high-volume periods are more remote. In addition, expect to make an overnight stay to qualify for that discounted pricing.

Flexibility can be an important key to finding cheap airplane tickets. The day of the week and time of the day for your departure, and how long you're going to stay, can all factor into this. Your best bets are to fly before 7am, close to noon, and after 7pm, depending upon the day of the week. The more flexible you are, the better your chances of finding those discounted airfares.

If you need a cheap one-way airplane ticket, it may be cheaper sometimes to buy a round-trip ticket and then discard the unused, half since one-way tickets are generally the most expensive to buy. If you do this, make sure the first leg of the trip is your destination, as airlines will sometimes cancel the return portion of the trip if you're a no-show for the first leg of it.

Put some of these tips and techniques to work the next time you're looking for cheap airplane tickets and see for yourself just how much you can save on airfare!

About the Author:
Hemante Garces is a frequent leisure traveler who has now just learned how to find cheap airplane tickets. Avoid the mistakes he used to make and save some serious money! Also, here are some of Hemante's favorite sites to find those sweet discount airfares...

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