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Differentiating Between Dental Braces And Retainers

Differentiating Between Dental Braces And Retainers


Differentiating Between Dental Braces And Retainers

by Ruby Adams

There is a confusion about the treatment applied for teeth alignment issues. There are some who would remark that orthodontic devices such as braces and retainers all work in the same manner in correcting oral misalignments (misaligned bites and teeth overcrowding). Yet, this is not fundamentally the case.

Braces are the most common devices utilized to move crooked teeth into a straight alignment. Braces are used in such manner that a set amount of pressure is placed on the teeth so that the teeth are pushed gently into a particular direction. The braces have to be worn for an extended span of time in order for the corrective measure to become effective.

Braces can be made out from metal, plastic, and ceramics. Metal braces are more popular. Some people select ceramics or plastic braces for aesthetic reasons. An orthodontist could give out further details about the component best suited for one's braces.

The method of installing braces requires the orthodontist to attach tiny metal brackets (or ceramic, as the preference of the patient may be), applying special bonding materials, to the teeth. Then, arch wires (composed of either alloys or tough elastic) are installed through the brackets, providing the path or direction that the teeth are supposed to move to.

As time passes, the teeth will shift position. Re-adjustment to the amount of force done at the dentist's clinic will be necessary until the treatment is finished.

Retainers are commonly worn as a continuing treatment appliance after the braces are removed. They help teeth retain their new straightness. Some people who worry that retainers are very awkward need not worry. There are now brands that are designed to be comfortable and inconspicuous.

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