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Different Ways To Squat For Ultimate Lower Body Development

Different Ways To Squat For Ultimate Lower Body Development


Different Ways To Squat For Ultimate Lower Body Development

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

The consensus is clear within the fitness community: the squat is the king of all exercises. The reason squatting is so effective is because of the sheer amount of muscle mass it activates.

And remember that the more muscle mass you activate, the more effective an exercise is in terms of return on time invested.

The biggest problem with squatting, however, is that too many people do the same version over and over again. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster because of adaptation.

Thus, without further ado, here are different ways to squat for ultimate lower body development:

1. Using a wider stance: Make sure you don't try to go too far down with this one because the position can make this somewhat difficult. Start off with light weights and lots of repetitions to get a feel for the movement and to let your nervous system adapt. This is a great exercise for building up the inner portion of your legs.

2. Using a narrower stance: Again, don't go too far down with this one. Many people's feet will have a tendency to point outwards when squatting with a narrow stance, don't worry this is normal. Simply go as far down as you can while not feeling any pain in your joints.

3. Barbell front-squats: This is probably one of the most difficult variations since it challenges your balance so much. Having said that, it's also one of the most effective. The main difference between front squats and back squats is that the former will target your quads.

4. Barbell squats to the back: This version requires a solid gripping ability. You see, you need to hold a barbell towards the back of your body. If you find that gripping becomes a major issue, simply invest in some weight lifting straps.

Now if you are really serious about maximizing your workouts, you have to do some type of squatting movement. If you don't, you will be missing out on some great results!

And remember to take action on this information sooner rather than later. After all, if you wait too long to act, you will most likely forget what you have learned.

About the Author:
About the author: Katherine Crawford M.S., a Harvard fitness physiologist and recent arm fat casualty, instructs women on how to get rid of upper arm fat very quickly. Unlock how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog about the most effective arm fat exercises for women now!

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