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Diamond Watches Are An Investment

Diamond Watches Are An Investment


Diamond Watches Are An Investment

by Zeeman Haus

Bling is the new catch phrase. Or as my daughters would put it, "it's not the new phrase, but newer...maybe." Diamond watches are definitely luxury items that can be worn out and about and definitely command attention. A functional diamond watch is even better and that's what we are shooting for.

Watch upkeep and maintenance is important when you look at how many people simply do not keep up with the mechanics behind their watch faces. There are some unique issues with diamond watches that should be addressed as well. A few simple steps to keep you on time and avoid being late to your appointments are recommended.

Cleaning of the diamonds should be done by qualified watch makers. I know you'd think it should be done by a jeweler and if you have a family jeweler you really love, go for it. Taking your diamond watch to a franchise jeweler is not always a good idea. They do not always understand how delicate your time piece is and quite honestly could damage it.

Count your diamonds before you go out. Better than that make sure your diamonds are all secure. Facets can loosen over time and with wear. Lost diamonds from diamond watches are a sad thing. No one wants to see a diamond get orphaned. Use a magnifying glass to take a look and poke around some to check that the diamonds are all secure before you go out.

Diamond watches are generally kept tucked away somewhere safe. If you do not wear yours often make an effort to remember to wind it periodically, especially if you do not wear it that often. The gears inside of the watch can become dry over time and stick. It is important that the oil in the watch be allowed to coat these gears and keep them nice and slick.

If you have additional crystals in your watch, make sure they are all in one piece. Even a hairline fracture can let in moisture which will damage your watch and cause all kinds of repair bills. If you see a loose or damaged crystal, have it replaced immediately.

Schedule time for a check up of your watch. Do this annually to avoid a break down of your watch and to have the facets changed and examined properly. Your magnifying glass trick is great in a pinch and highly recommended (I know, I recommended it) but a qualified watch smith has a better idea and a better eye than you do. They also will clean your watch and replace any bad parts.

Diamond watches are great for everyone. People talk about who has what watch at parties when they see a piece that is extravagant and oh so shiny. It's true because I myself usually start these conversations. The thing is making sure your watch will continue to shine and keep accurate time is a must. No one really spends that much money on a watch that only works for a year; it's an investment and a luxury. Following these steps will make sure it is a long-term investment.

About the Author:
Zeeman Haus enjoys writing articles online on a variety of subjects. You can check out his latest website on Mens Diamond Watches which provides reviews on top Brands Like Bulova, Akribos, Invicta, Citizen & more.

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