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DeWalt Tools And Parts For All Woodworking Applications

DeWalt Tools And Parts For All Woodworking Applications


DeWalt Tools And Parts For All Woodworking Applications

by Bart Icles

DeWalt Tools was founded in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt, two years after his invention of the world's first radial arm saw, originally called the "Wonder Worker." His company expanded quickly due to the successful manufacturing of his radial arm saws and other stationary woodworking machines. After 20 years the company was restructured and was known as DeWalt Inc.

Soon thereafter, it was purchased by American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc., which was famous for manufacturing bowling equipment. By 1960, it was bought by Black & Decker. And in 1992 DeWalt was reintroduced into the market, but this time in the portable power tools category. In 1994, it launched over 30 cordless power tools into the market. Today, it manufactures more than 200 various power hand tools and more than 1,000 of its accessories.

DeWalt power tools and parts are quite popular with many woodworkers - from home builders to remodelers in the amateur and professional segments that makes it the perfect choice for all types of jobs. The DeWalt cordless drill is one among many of such tools, as also is its rechargeable batteries that give it plenty of power to get all jobs - from minor remodeling to heavy duty jobs in construction contracts. the DeWalt power tools are available in the 18 and 24 volt category. The DeWalt drills, aside from the cordless ones, also include the heavy duty variable speed drills, right angle drills, and the magnetic drills with AC power for all workshop and stationary projects.

DeWalt has also introduced more than a dozen new high performing woodworking saw blades for use in cabinet making, trim carpentry and woodworking applications for smoother and more accurate to achieve better finishes. The major features of each saw blade is its large precision-ground C4 micro grain carbide teeth that while cutting wood, planes it to an exceptionally fine and smooth finish. And its ultra-sharp cutting edges easily prevent tearing while reducing the splintering of the materials edges when doing rip cuts, joints, and corners.

DeWalt also offers an extensive line up of all DeWalt replacement parts for all its major corded and cordless power tools. As all woodworking tools get the most extensive use and abuse from all job applications and from all job sites, DeWalt high quality parts are readily available for such models. Any DeWalt service outlet can easily answer all minor and major tool repair concerns - as well as those of other major market brands. The parts can be easily viewed in the DeWalt official website, as well as through its business affiliates that are strategically placed around the country numbering to more than a 1,000.

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