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Demolition To Make Room For New Construction

Demolition To Make Room For New Construction


Demolition To Make Room For New Construction

by Darren Johnson McLennon

While it is possible to restore many older homes to their former glory in order to preserve our history, there are times that inferior construction or structural problems may leave demolition as the only choice. In these cases the older building must give way for new construction that will provide a comfortable well built home for the property owner.

Traditional demolition meant that the building materials were destroyed into rubble. This rubble was then transported by truck to a landfill. The destruction was accomplished using machines for smaller buildings and explosives for larger buildings. Many large structures, such as smoke stacks, grain elevators or stadiums were imploded. The implosions could cause a large amount of dust to be spread across the city.

There is a new trend that is becoming popular today that is called deconstruction. This greener approach to removing a building helps to minimize the amount of materials that end up in a landfill. Deconstruction of a building results in only ten percent of building and contents in a landfill. While more labor intensive, the savings at the landfill offset the cost of deconstruction.

Concrete from the old building may be crushed and used again in the new building. It makes excellent material for ground stabilization and can also be used as aggregate in new concrete.

Any wood waste can be shredded using shredders that can work with used timbers. This waste can be composted or in the formation of chipboard or MDF.

When a building is beyond repair, there are times that the best way to solve the problem is through demolition of the hazardous building. At other times after a disaster such as fire or natural disasters, building may become structurally unsound and need to be removed for the public safety. In these cases, steps should be taken to lower the impact of removing the building on our environment.

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