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Decorating Your Fish Tank

Decorating Your Fish Tank


Decorating Your Fish Tank

by Benjamin Coombes

Your fish will be much more pleasing to look at and they will have a much needed places to hide and rest, if your fish tank is decorated.

When setting up a fish tank, the first thing that you should do is put gravel on the bottom. You can get your Gravel from your local dealer. Remember that most fish will look better in fish tanks with a darker or neutral gravel. A good rule of thumb for the amount of gravel that you should put in your fish tank is about 5 pounds for every one half square foot of surface area. You can mix your gravel's for an interesting effect, but remember after all your plants and other decorations going into your fish tank, you may not even see your gravel.

The background of a fish tank. The choices here are many. You can get scenes printed on a roll. 3-D backgrounds. Mirrored backgrounds, self sticking backgrounds, and painted backgrounds. The choice is yours.

A large rock to make a great centerpiece for your fish tank. Rocks are great as standalone decorations. Or you can use them to build ledges and terraces.

You are going to need to choose between live plants, or plastic plants. Whatever you decide they will provide hiding places, shade, and beauty to your fish tank.

You can collect rocks, driftwood, and other items for your fish tank. But be careful you don't know whether they've been cleaned properly, and this could pose a danger to your fish. I recommend purchasing these items from your local pet store.

You can also purchase action action ornaments made of plastic and sometimes ceramic air driven ornaments to go in the bottom of your fish tank. You can find treasure chest that open and close, divers, and octopuses, and sunken ships. No fishing signs are an old standby and ceramic frogs and turtles are popular to.

The things that you need to know, a decorated fish tank very pleasing to look at and much more comfortable for fish. Dark colors of gravel bring out the colors of your fish. Choose travel with pebbles that are 1/8 to inch in diameter. In a query and background is attractive and it hides unsightly airlines and electrical cords. Is plants, rocks, and drift would for a natural decor, and add ceramic or action irritating ornaments for fun.

About the Author:
Want to find out more about fish tanks, then visit Benjamin Coombes's site on how to choose the best fish tank maintenance for your needs.

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