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Declutter Fast by Taking Care of Paper Clutter and Destress Your Life

Declutter Fast by Taking Care of Paper Clutter and Destress Your Life


Declutter Fast by Taking Care of Paper Clutter and Destress Your Life

by Zach Angelo

When trying to declutter fast, paper clutter can easily get in the way. We come across so many different kinds of papers, bills, letters, statements and all sorts of documents that really can clutter up a desk quickly. If you want to keep your home organized and learn how to declutter your house, you need to have an effective paper filing method in place. The following paper filing method will have your paper clutter taken care of with minimal stress and maximum effectiveness.

When you are trying to organize paper clutter the key is to know exactly where everything goes. You don't want to have spend a great deal of energy trying to figure out where to put something. You can organize your paper clutter through a couple different methods. The first way is when you encounter them in daily life, and second, when you set aside small chunks of time to organize your papers.

To organize your paper clutter you need to have your file folders in place. I recommend using colored files that are easy to distinguish. Right now there is no need to use labels, it's perfectly fine to write directly on the folder with a pen or marker.

To begin, write on each folder its category. I'll give you some good categories to begin with. Documents that are important, like marriage and divorce licenses, passports, etc, tax and finance records, mortgage and bank account records, family members, instructions, even a folder for your pet. That should be enough to get you going.

You should always write the date on the folder. Labeling your folders guarantees you'll always know when you last updated the file. Ok, so now that you have all your files labeled in stored in a filing cabinet or drawer, the only thing left to do is fill them with paper clutter. Like mentioned earlier, file papers as you come across them in daily life, or set aside small chunks of time to file.You'll be amazed at how much filing you can get done in little 15 or 20 minute chunks. And if the filing isn't too annoying for you, increase the time. After a week or two of filing as you see papers and filing in little bursts, you'll have all your paper clutter taken care of. When trying to declutter your house, this method is really helpful.

About the Author:
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